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I must answer Bob Anderson, bashing our current administration as launching an attack “suddenly and deliberately” on the people of the United States. I must assume by the date he sites, March 21, and the content of his letters in the past he is referring to the passage of the Health Care Reform.

It is this extremist, closed minded, denial of reality and responsibility for our current economic condition that party-line Republicans, FOX (Faux) news, people like Glenn Beck, and those influenced by these sources, have been whining or screaming insanely about for the last 15 months. It seems that this group has forgotten how many past presidents have tried to get health reform passed. They only express what might happen if liberal political ideals are taken to the extreme of the most extreme tangent possible.

This is badly needed reform. The pre-existing condition and no limits on coverage are benefits to everyone. Yes, it needs some adjusting, I don’t agree with mandatory coverage either. But it’s not a constitutional issue any more than Social Security benefits and Medicare/Medicaid coverage is constitutional. Our founding fathers, who this group so rapidly use to defend their arguments on, had no concept of “Social Security”. This is 2010, we need to live in the reality of today. Our founding fathers didn’t have refrigerators, cars, roundabouts, ski resorts, golf courses, Internet, mutual funds or derivatives … so are those things unconstitutional also?

Another issue I take with your letter, Mr. Anderson, is you wrote it as if you speak for everyone, and everyone shares your opinion. I would like to point out you don’t speak for me. You have the same power as me, one vote, one voice. So when you speak of “the American people, in their righteous might” will “take whatever measures are available to defend the Republic” understand you only speak for yourself. Maybe try wording like “as an American in my righteous might, I will take whatever measures are available to myself to defend my idea of the Republic” – express your opinion as your opinion, not mine.

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Brad Gates

New Castle

I urge you to vote on Tuesday, April 6 for the office of mayor. This election is an opportunity to get Carbondale on track to create jobs and economic success for our community. The way to do this is to VOTE for Stacey Patch Bernot for mayor of Carbondale.

Stacey has given 110 percent as a town trustee for the past six years and served on many voluntary boards prior to that. She played a big role in creating our “green” recreation center. She will lend her ear to listen to different points of view before solving problems. She is approachable to talk to, flexible when she needs to be and tough on issues she feels won’t help our town. She offers Carbondale the best future as mayor because she has no personal agenda other than caring about the future of our town and what is best for our community, including her school-age children.

Electing Stacey mayor and having Ed continue to serve on the trustee board is most advantageous to Carbondale’s success in these trying times of a downturned economy, and increasingly important decisions about how Carbondale will grow. Stacey provides leadership that represents diverse voices from our community. The town needs that leadership.

We need to elect Stacey Patch Bernot mayor of Carbondale to continue the work she’s already devoted herself to as trustee in our town for six years. As Mayor Pro Tem she has shown she is capable of leading a respectful and efficient board meeting. She’s brave enough to tackle the challenges our town faces now and will continue to face in the years ahead.

Stacey is a straight-shooter and doesn’t sway her thoughts to promote her own agenda. Please exercise your privilege as a Carbondale citizen and vote on Tuesday, April 6. Thank you for considering a vote for Stacey Patch Bernot.


Wendy S. Hayden


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