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I am very angry that I was sentenced to 18 months in prison for fighting with my brother. Something we’ve done all our lives. He did not want me sent to prison.

I’ve lived in Garfield County for 25 years. That was my only felony conviction. I’ve been sent back to prison four times for drinking alcohol (which is not a crime, by the way). I’ve done over 32 months for fighting with my brother.

And an illegal alien can come here and kill a 21-year-old girl with a daughter and gets 15 months. What is wrong with this picture?

And I’m back in jail just for drinking (parole violation).

Freddy Medeiros

Glenwood Springs

I would like to personally and publicly commend Todd Leahy for his ingenuity in creating and expressing his “Glenwood Springs Riverwalk” plan as seen in last Tuesday’s Glenwood Springs Post Independent. I can’t agree with him more that this is a “once in a lifetime” opportunity for Glenwood Springs, and I believe we are at a crucial crossroad.

The city of Glenwood for too many years has been incredibly negligent, careless and slow in its duties regarding our town’s development, I, for one, have become increasingly frustrated with their inability to make sound decisions. Golden, Steamboat Springs, and Edwards are just a few of Colorado’s comparable towns that are currently experiencing the numerous advantages of highlighting their streams, creeks and rivers with a “signature destination spot” like the one Mr. Leahy proposes. Glenwood is extremely blessed in the fact that it is in an enviable position of being located on two of Colorado’s most prestigious waterways, and if the city fails to follow or exceed the examples set forth by its predecessors, it will once again be remiss in its duties.

Marc Miller

Glenwood Springs

I would like to encourage all the residents of Silt to vote No on this ridiculous recall that has embarrassed the town of Silt. I cannot think of anyone who works harder for the people of Silt than Dave does. He devotes an incredible amount of time researching all the issues facing Silt. He cares about our town, and everyone in it. He cares because that is the man he is. His heart is pure gold. There have been numerous times that he has stood up for or beside the “little guy.” He has a strong voice and a stronger conviction. This is the man we elected two years ago as our mayor, because we believed in him. Well, I for one have not lost that belief. Dave Moore is still the only person for the job. I thank you for your service, Dave, and can only hope that you decide to run again in 2010!

Doug Williams


Last week’s tragic murder of Jewish seminary students in Israel demands a closer look, considering that the school was targeted because of its support for Israeli settlement expansion, and Prime Minister Olmert has just approved the construction of 750 new homes to expand a settlement in the Palestinian West Bank.

Every year, ten thousand Palestinians lose their homes and farms to settlement expansion. In an elaborate apartheid system, Arab farmers are cut off from their fields and their fruit trees bulldozed to make way for Jewish-only settlements and roads. The Palestinian people are forced to endure long lines at checkpoints to get to work, school, and even to the hospital. Whenever an Israeli dies at the hands of a Palestinian gunman or suicide bomber, it’s in response to the harsh conditions imposed by Israel’s military occupation of their land.

The reason for Israel’s settlement expansion in Palestinian territory is religious extremism. The goal of Jewish extremists is to create a racially pure Israel that includes all of the land the United Nations designated for the creation of a Palestinian state. In a recent poll, some Israelis living in the West Bank said they would overthrow their government and even kill other Israelis to keep the land they took from the Palestinians, because they believe God gave it to the Jews. For more, watch the Frontline documentary; “Israel’s Next War,” available on You Tube.

This policy of allowing religious extremism to undermine Judaism’s honorable tradition of human rights and justice, threatens the security of every Israeli citizen. Only a free and sovereign Palestinian state will create the conditions of security, prosperity and contentment that will allow the broken relationship between Arabs and Jews to heal.

Israeli organizations like B’tselem, Gush Shalom and Peace Now are working to obtain Palestinian freedom and human rights. I hope for the peace and security of Israelis and Palestinians alike, you will consider supporting their efforts by donating to these organizations.

Please join me in encouraging our own leaders to help end Israel’s 40-year occupation, and to support the creation of a Palestinian state.

Sue Gray


The announcement of the pit leaks and chemical run-off on the west side of the Roan Plateau proves that the gas drilling companies are using old shoddy methods of disposal. The pits are a quick and temporary fix so the gas drillers can get in and get out cheaply while destroying the environment around them.

How many leakage episodes or accidents have not been reported? How much environmental damage has really been covered up? This incident near the Roan Plateau proves that the gas companies are ill-equipped to deal properly with protecting the environment. What role does the Garfield County Gas Liaison play in these situations, if any?

Unfortunately, the Garfield County Commission is trying to do the job that the COGCC should be doing. Garfield County needs help from the COGCC and are not getting it.

It is time for drastic measures to control the gas drilling industry. So a complete moratorium on drilling on or near the Roan Plateau should be implemented by COGCC.

The good citizens of Garfield County and the Western Slope need to protect their land, their water, and their health. The “Keep Out” and “Keep Off” signs should be going up on the Roan right now!

Randy Fricke


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