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“Are You Safe?” the advertisement reads. “1 out of every 3 women will be sexually assaulted in this country.” Only 5 percent will take a self-defense class. From this ad I suppose we are to deduce that taking the “Model Mugging” class will reduce the 1/3 statistic. But the facts (from the U.S. Department of Justice) about sexual assault contradict this advertisement. Three out of four victims of rape and sexual assault are victimized by someone known to them – not a stranger or mugger. Two-thirds (67 percent) of all victims of sexual assault reported to law enforcement agencies, were juveniles (under the age of 18 at the time of the crime). More than half of all juvenile victims were under age 12. A “Model Mugging” class will not work for the one out of every seven victims of sexual assault who are under the age of 6. For victims under age 12, 4-year-olds were at greatest risk of being the victim of a sexual assault. Almost one third of the very young victims of sexual assault are males. While we might feel more comfortable believing that the danger lies “out there” the very sad truth about sexual assault is that the offender is most often someone known, loved and trusted (a family member, a coach, a priest, a teacher, etc.) Less than 14 percent of all sexual assaults are committed by strangers. For children it is 7 percent. More than 70 percent of sexual assaults reported to law enforcement occur in the residence of the victim, offender or other individual.If you are concerned about being mugged, the advertised course might be worthwhile. It is empowering to feel that you can protect yourself in a dangerous situation. However, reducing the incidence of sexual abuse in general and child sexual abuse in particular, will only come about when we stop believing in “stranger danger” and accept that this crime occurs in the context of relationship and because that relationship is usually so important to the child the majority of children do not tell. Niki E. DelsonCarbondale

Thank you, Jolene Varley, for your March 17 concise, accurate description of the immigration problem in this country. I agree 100 percent. I have no problem with legal immigrants; that’s what built America. Your spot-on observation of illegal immigrants’ propensity for reproduction moving them straight into WIC, Medicaid, food stamps and other taxpayer funded welfare shamelessly is never reported on or investigated as the dishonorable practice it is.Contrary to its name (independent, hah!) but in lockstep with other national media, the liberally slanted Post with few exceptions only runs pro-liberal AP editorial pieces, political cartoons and select State and World & Nation stories of the same ilk. While lack of true investigative reporting is of course rampant.Locally the Post will likely continue headlining illegal immigrant rallies, where more demands are made, followed by the repetitive Immigrant Stories filler pieces, which, while interesting, are only sometimes about legal immigrants and subtly serve to both anesthetize the reader to this unsustainable influx and simply further promulgate the false notion of the “poor immigrant.” Witness the age and type of the vehicles with out-of-country license plates; I’m still driving a beater. The point is, only in the letters-to-the-editor section is there a glimmer of any converse viewpoint, so unseasoned readers beware: Not everyone embraces illegal immigrants and will gloss over the threat they pose to this country. If you agree, tell your legislator. Good luck JV, living as part of the new minority in Carbondale, home to lots of the enablers.Keith NevilleRifle

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