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It has been an interesting week of letter writing from our friends on the right prophesizing the imminent end of America. All of a sudden, “the sky is falling, the ski is falling”. Just today, Saturday, March 27, Art Hougland of Glenwood Springs opines “In November of 2008 over 50 percent of the voters had their good judgment leak out when they cast their vote for Obama. This was the demonstrable apex of four decades of infestation of the United States by liberals and progressives.”

As a point of fact, between fiscal years 1950 and 2009 inclusive, 84 percent of our cumulative national debt (roughly $9.2 trillion out of $11 trillion of debt) has been created under Republican presidents. Reagan, Bush I , Bush II; between them they are responsible for nearly 80 percent ($8.75 trillion)! Republican presidents have more than doubled the debt (Bush II – 127 percent), tripled the debt (Nixon/Ford – 194 percent), quintupled the debt (Reagan/Bush I – 479 percent).

Democratic Presidents, on the other hand, have at most raised the debt by 80 percent (Carter). On average, a Democratic President increases the debt $73.4 billion every year, while a Republican president increases the debt $255.7 billion, roughly 3.5 times as much.

I know that the right hates to let facts get in the way of rousing rhetoric. Let’s look at history. Where was the outrage from Betty Scranton, Bob Anderson, Jack Blankenship, Art Hougland, Stan Racheski, et el, during the circumventing of the Constitution between 2000 and 2009? The record deficits? The false WMD information that cost us trillions in Iraq, unpaid for? I don’t recall the letters to the editor addressing these issues from these concerned citizens.

For the record, progressives gave us Social Security, Medicare, the EPA, the Clean Water Act, the Clean Air Act, and now a start on health care. The right gave us Blackwater, Iraq, Lehman Brothers failure, the housing market crash, world recession, high unemployment, just to name a few. By all means, let’s give them another chance. Let’s have another Republican president. Let’s see if he/she can break the Reagan/Bush I record. See above.

Craig S. Chisesi


I have read HB-1365 and although it is written in the typical confusing and legalese language favored by politicians, I found several provisions in this bill that from a layman’s point of view are very disturbing. I believe it behooves every voter to at least read all bills submitted by their representatives.

As I see it, this bill establishes a state run program of corporate socialism by giving the politically appointed Public Utilities Commission the power to regulate natural gas prices and electric utility rates to ensure that the natural gas producers and the electric utility companies are guaranteed a profitable rate of return on their investments and not subject to free market competition.

The politicians sponsoring or supporting this legislation cite their fear of national EPA regulations, but is this type of state regulation any better? Will it really have any effect on total air pollution?

Ultimately it will be the end users of the electricity (taxpayers) who will be paying for this corporate welfare program.

Garry Evenson

Battlement Mesa

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