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I am concerned about House Bill 1188. If I am correct there is already a federal law on the books that gives people the right to float on the water, but not the right to touch either the bottom of the river or the land on either side without the permission of the land owner. I at one time had a copy of the bill. I do not have access to Internet, but some of you that do might be able to look it up. The Army Corps of Engineers controls the water. We do not need any more government control of private property. Land owners should have the right to say who recreates on their property.

I am sure there are a lot of rafting companies that are reputable, but there are a lot of people floating the rivers that are careless. If you have doubts, just take a look at our highways, especially between Rifle and Glenwood Springs.

Elizabeth Lewis


We think Stacey will make a great Mayor for Carbondale. She has experience. Ed Cortez has stated that if he becomes Mayor every building must have solar included. He owns a solar company, pretty convenient.

This is a conflict of interest – no doubt. Solar maybe great, but not always affordable. In this recession (we are in a deep recession here on the Western Slope) we think maybe you should look to someone who has been born and raised here and understands all of the problems of Carbondale. We plan on voting for Stacey Patch Bernot. Go girl.

Jane and Hank Spaulding


Bob McConnell is dedicated to his objective to become “the peoples'” representative to Congress from Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District. Unlike John Salazar, he doesn’t hide from the public nor will he be an “unresponsive representative” as Salazar has been.

Since McConnell is new to the political arena, he knew that achieving name recognition was his first most important challenge. In his district wide travels, he has not only established his identity, but gained acceptance as the candidate of choice with his “future constituents” as well.

Consider these facts. Since declaring his candidacy back in September, Bob has made his presence known and his platform clear with meetings and appearances across the vast span of our District’s 29 counties. No candidate could be more visible and accessible in presenting his qualifications and his plan to provide the leadership that has been sadly lacking in our district.

The “McConnell style” simply documents that he is a man of extraordinary integrity that you can trust. He’s a “hand to hand” candidate, just as genuine and comfortable speaking to a crowd as he is one on one. He shows up, shakes hands, speaks up, listens and responds. Don’t you agree that listening and responding are rare traits among today’s politicians?

Not a politician, Bob McConnell is a retired Colonel, Airborne Ranger and a combat veteran with unique experience and proven leadership capabilities. You can “see it to believe it” by watching the videos on his web site

Just since the March 16 caucuses, Bob has hosted nine district delegate “meet and greet” events prior to the county assemblies. His final three forums were held here in Garfield County with our local delegates who are attending the 2010 County Republican Assembly Saturday, April 3 in Glenwood Springs.

Isn’t it refreshing to have a real patriot running for Congress? – a man who is “Of the People, By the People and for the People”

God Bless America!

Richard Doran


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