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Last year, at age 42, my otherwise healthy and active husband was diagnosed with prostate cancer. Quent had no symptoms and no family history of the disease, and he certainly wasn’t in a high-risk age group. How’d he get diagnosed? He “checked the box” on the blood-chemistry form at the Valley View Hospital’s annual health fair, and he paid the additional $25 to have a PSA (prostate-specific antigen) blood test done.

I shudder to think how far the cancer would have progressed had he waited until he reached age 50 – the typical age for PSA screening. I believe that having this blood test done saved his young life. After the results showed a higher-than-normal PSA level, Quent visited our family doctor. When further blood tests and manual exams proved inconclusive, he had an invasive biopsy in June, received the cancer diagnosis a couple days later, and underwent a radical prostatectomy (at Valley View Hospital) in late August. Pathology tests show that all the cancer was contained in the now-removed prostate; he’s fully cancer-free.

I share this story to raise awareness that prostate cancer is not an “old man’s disease.” Yes, the risk of getting prostate cancer increases exponentially as men age (1 in 14 men ages 60 to 69 are diagnosed, as opposed to 1 in 10,000 under age 40), but it obviously strikes younger men as well. In fact, last year the American Urological Association changed its recommendation to begin baseline PSA testing at age 40 (from 50), which I applaud wholeheartedly.

If you or a man you love is going to a Valley View Hospital health fair in the coming weeks (April 10 in Carbondale, April 17 in New Castle and April 24 in Glenwood Springs), I encourage you to fork out the extra money (now $30) for a PSA blood test in conjunction with the regularly blood chemistry work-up. I am forever thankful that my husband chose to “check the box” and pay the additional fee.

Kara Williams


We can’t speak for others who have become activists in their grassroots efforts to preserve the foundational principles of liberty, but we have – and will l – speak for ourselves as we join with them in restoring those hard-fought freedoms.

There was a pledge that our founders took in building this stronghold of freedom for America, and our activism now also acknowledges the shame of squandering that which came to us so easily precisely because it cost others so much.

Now we join those founders with one mind and one heart for America.

Last year we were angry and that anger was mirrored by others across the country. This year that anger has turned to resolve, has become a lifestyle change, and one that will be a part of us forever.

The anniversary of the first Tea Party Rally in Glenwood Springs will be held Thursday, April 15 at noon in front of the courthouse. We will be celebrating free speech and the right to assemble, more critical now as we learn of recent efforts considered by the F.C.C. to limit voices such as mine (and undoubtedly supported by F.C.C.’s Diversity Czar Mark Lloyd, who publicly advocates regulations on political advertising and content, stating that free speech is ‘overrated.’)

Open acts of hostility toward our common rights should alarm all Americans.

At the rally, a special tribute will be paid to Colorado’s Attorney General John W. Suthers who, along with other A.G.’s, governors and lieutenant governors across the country, will be contesting the constitutionality of the enormous takeover of the health care industry and the disregard both for the Constitution and the voice of protest from American citizens.

We would never have guessed that a movement so vilified in 2009 by pundits, lawmakers, cartoonists, union organizers, and America haters, now has grown into a coalition of activism uniting citizens and leaders alike who are dedicated to the restoration of America as the beacon of liberty in the world.

The rally will be followed by another at 5:30 p.m. in Grand Junction.

For more information on this important event, please call 945-6855 or email

Betty Scranton

Glenwood Springs

Fifteen million people are currently unemployed That’s equivalent to half the population of Canada. Is our country being run by the “Boyz in the Hood” with a thugocracy mentality? Are they urinating on our Constitution … the document that is the glue of our great nation? Thirty-eight states and 66 percent of the people reject the health care bill and many states are preparing lawsuits. And what’s with this “civilian security force?” Is that part of the 16,500 IRS agents he is proposing to hire to enforce all of us paying into the government health care plan or be fined, or worse yet, go to jail? Don’t you Obama supporters realize that you are going to pay somebody else’s health care? It’s called income redistribution. That means a lower standard of living for your family and indebting your kids and grandkids forever. Nothing is free.

Are Obama supporters still mental zombies? If so, they must have subjected themselves to a lobotomy by the Obama marketing machine. Let’s face it, the stimulus package has been in place for one year and we still have 9.7 percent unemployment. The unemployed can receive benefits for up to 99 weeks, that’s almost 2 years costing taxpayers $240 billion. Why even look for work! Did you know he’s spent half as much on Acorn as he’s allocated to NASA. Is this not insanity? Obama is like a head-strong child out of control. He’s making Jimmy Carter look like President Reagan. Western civilization is virtually under attack and it our current administration, who are the evil leaders, led by a closet Muslim who is a socialist. Obama alienates our allies and courts our enemies. It’s better to deal with our adversaries from a position of strength than weakness. Limiting our nuclear arsenal is like asking the Mexican government to lay down their weapons when fighting the drug lords. Obama supporters say “give him more time.” I say “25 years to life would be appropriate” for what he’s doing to our country. His accomplishments are few and far between i.e.: buying a new dog, bashing President Bush, his infamous “Beer Summit” and his world-wide Apology Tour.

“What a guy!

Stan Rachesky

Glenwood Springs

I was dismayed to read that Attorney General John Suthers has filed a lawsuit against the federal government over provisions included in the recently signed health care legislation. Due to the frivolous and partisan nature of this lawsuit, one has to question the underlying motivation of candidate Suthers, in attempting to score political points with his base, at taxpayer expense.

Section 1332 of the health care bill, entitled Waiver for State Innovation, allows states the flexibility to shape insurance exchanges, provide a public option, or even opt-out of the act, including the individual mandate, so long as an alternative system that meets the minimum coverage and cost requirements of the bill is provided.

It is estimated that the new law will provide the following benefits to Colorado:

• 826,000 residents who do not have insurance, and 345,000 residents who have no group insurance, will have access to an insurance exchange which will provide less costly coverage.

• 439,000 residents might qualify for tax credits to purchase affordable insurance.

• 574 seniors will receive free preventive services.

• 102,000 seniors will receive financial aid to close the Medicare Part D “doughnut hole.”

• 68,800 small businesses will be helped, through tax credits, to make premiums more affordable.

For the attorney general to spend taxpayer money in order to energize his base is partisan and disingenuous, as well as fiscally appalling. By this action, Mr. Suthers has disrespected, and placed in financial peril, the hundreds of thousands of Colorado citizens who stand to benefit from life-saving insurance, and subsidies to assist with the escalating health care costs.

Janie Enright


Jane Spaulding asks what the Hidden Gems proposal is going to save us from and the obvious answer is, “ourselves.”

It’s human nature: To want to make a decent living – though land development is an option for a seemingly soulless lot.

To use energy for an easier life – but those that extract the requisite minerals are a faceless corporate bunch with only dollar signs as their guide.

And last but not least, to procreate – think overpopulation.

These are some of the forces that combine to degrade and defile most every inch of land that we share with all the plants and animals on earth. Before you dismiss this as a hippy-dippy sentiment remember that the plants and animals, clean oceans and air support us. We do not support them. “If you poison the earth it will poison you.”

In the face of the future, these so called Hidden Gems could be like parks for people and animals in the middle of an otherwise, drilled, road scarred, species depleted, exhaust choked, world. I pray you are among the minority and that our representatives have the wisdom to pass the proposal. Leave these Gems for the kids.

Barb Coddington

Glenwood Springs

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