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Isn’t a lie of omission a lie, to a Christian Republican? Writing to correct John Herbst’s correction of Brian Wright, I say Mr. Herbst plays it loose with his facts. He has the Supreme Court coming in like a white knight, only after the Democrats counted all the votes in Florida. In fact, the Supreme Court stepped in early in the fray, and stopped the counting just as it was getting underway. The actual ruling was that because the constitutional issue of Muster (the mandatory date on which the electoral college must meet and elect the president), there wasn’t enough time to count the votes, so they went with what was counted up to their ruling. Which wasn’t even very much of the three predominately-Democratic precincts the Democrats decided to count first, because of the legal maneuvering which delayed due process.

Because “Muster” is a constitutional issue, it trumped any lesser legal issue at that juncture in the fiasco.

Mr. Herbst can claim his stated “feeble memory” as reasonable reason for his sin of omission. Which I certainly understand, because mimicry of mimics mimicking the talking points of talking heads (employed by money changers in the temple, Republican parties lobotomizers) is certainly hard to remember on your own.

Because the perceptions recorded have to actually be your own, to constitute memory.

Then again, false memories are big business in this across-the-pond incarnation of social engineering. A never-defeated method of stealing from the poor to pay the rich, perfected throughout the twentieth century. I can envision Goebbels’ ghost laughing heartedly (standing in hell with Satan, Hitler, Wilson, Creely, McCarthy, and his stoolie Ronald Reagan), every time a Republican parrots the phrases: “liberal media,” “politically correct.” etc., for they solved the problem of overcrowding in the concentration camps via enslaving men within their own feeble minds.

“Judge not or this is how you shall be judged,” is the rebuke Republican Christians like John should hear. Any time bearing false witness blames PC liberals shows how willfully ignorant of their own wolves in sheeps’ clothing they’ve become.

Eric Olander

New Castle

The Silt Recall Committee has documented the reasons for removing Dave Moore from office. The information has been presented in this paper.

It’s time for the voters to decide. Elected officials swear an oath to uphold the law.

Dave Moore has violated town ordinances on procedural matters and employee issues. Moore has repeatedly used the phone and e-mail to violate the Colorado Open Meetings (Sunshine) Law. Moore ignored town ordinances when he built a fence on someone else’s property without a permit, then asked the board to pass a resolution to allow him to keep his fence. Now Moore is violating campaign finance laws by not disclosing the names of the donors who are financing his campaign.

While Moore insists he has worked hard, the fruits of his efforts are increased costs to taxpayers in legal fees and employee compensations, employee strife, and manipulative procedures that are unfair to applicants who come before the Board.

Silt needs honest and open government. Vote yes for recall.

Tod C. Tibbetts, Mayor Pro-Tem Town of Silt

Silt Recall Committee Chairman

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