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Working in my yard the other day, I saw two boys playing in the yard across the street. As I’d noticed countless other times, the dynamics of the relationship were clear: The older boy made the rules, picked the games, etc. The younger was the follower.

On this particular day the boys had received a brand-new, bouncy, rubber Spider-Man ball – a spring break extravaganza to be sure. As happens with boys whacking around a ball, it quickly flew over the neighbor’s fence. For reasons unclear to me, this particular neighbor was off-limits to the two boys and, woefully, so was the ball.

Reeking of disappointment, excursions of the whining nature were made into the house but to no avail. Mom was busy.

At this point the younger boy noticed me. Now, the older boy disliked me – I assume for complicated 6-year-old boy reasons – but the younger had a semifriendly relationship with me consisting of waving, shouting, “Hey, lady,” and the occasional “hug and run.”

Knowing I was friends with the neighbor whose fence had callously swallowed their ball, the younger boy excitedly relayed a plan to the older: He could cross the street and ask me to retrieve the ball. A hopeful, eager little face looking up to the older boy was met with a resounding “no.” The older boy didn’t have the connection or the plan, so no ball … period.

A torturous five minutes went by as the younger boy sulked and looked longingly at me across the street. Suddenly, with furrowed brow and clenched fists he crossed the street, made the request and received the holy grail of a ball.

The older boy was furious. This wasn’t how it worked. He wouldn’t play with the younger boy or the hallowed Spidey ball. Eventually – probably after a cookie-induced nap – I heard the squeals and bopping of the ball being played with once again, sweet liberty-inducing compromise had been achieved.

Funny, a 6-year-old and a 4-year-old could work it out, while a whole nation of adults will not.

Pride is delicious until you have to swallow it.

Tonya Wernsmann

New Castle

Why are local Rotary clubs sponsoring the integration of illegal aliens into our communities? Who is really behind “Welcoming Colorado”?

Is it greedy business owners who need cheap, uneducated workers to suck in a higher profit? With unemployment rampant, whose inane idea was it to increase the labor pool with people who aren’t supposed to be here?

I am sick of these bleeding-heart, liberal airheads wanting to play Mother Theresa to the whole world on the working man’s dime.

Our immigration policy allows over a million legal immigrants to enter our country every year. Enough is enough!

Illegals steal our jobs and lower our wages. They raise the cost of education, health care, welfare and law enforcement. They are a cancer in our society.

They need to be deported, not integrated.

Bruno Kirchenwitz


This is just a suggestion regarding the alternate route through Two Rivers Park. Since people will be using this route more now that the bridge is closed, it would be a good idea to have the lights on at night so people feel secure going through this area. I bike commute to work and will have to use this route at night after my shift is over. I think pedestrians would feel more comfortable if they could see as well.

I also have been wondering about the light pole located on Coach Miller Road that is no longer lit at night. This light is the last light on the bike path and at a junction of the path and street. Is there any way this light can remain on instead of the intervals it has been set to?

Danyelle Carlson

Glenwood Springs

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