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One of the things our Constitution makes crystal clear is freedom of speech. The Tea Parties are not made up of militia-style anarchists – rather they are Americans who are trying to protect a country they love, and whose foundation they see being torn apart.

A recent poll concluded that a great number of people carrying the signs to keep our freedoms are independents and disenfranchised Democrats. So many of you on the left side of the political aisle have not let it sink in that your sacred party has been hijacked from underneath you by a radical element – the secular progressives, alias, socialists. Obama is governing with self-appointed czars in a dictatorial style never witnessed before in the U.S.A.

Too many of our representatives in Congress have made politics a career, not a service to the people. Many of them came out of university law schools taught by Marxist professors. This is no big secret – it is fact. We don’t need Russia to launch a missile at us – we are being destroyed from within. Those of you who are fed artificially sweetened news from the leftist media (NBC, ABC, CBS, MSNBC, etc.) have your heads stuck in the sand.

I also doubt that most of you who are saying hooray to Colorado representatives who voted yes on health care read the bill or understand its serious implications. Because the left can never counter with reasonable arguments they must label, slander and destroy anyone who speaks out against the current hierarchy. This country is hanging by a thread … believe me I will be one of those out there holding a sign saying “I want My Country Back.”

Carol Abbott


Just last week I won a Mayoral race in Silt. I want to thank those who voted for me. It was a very close race by a very worthy opponent. I only won by 5 votes, but in spite of that, there’s a lesson to be learn from this close race. Every vote counts. I did underestimate my opponent’s strength.

I relaxed because someone, in fact several, told me that I would win by a landslide and I even believed it. I guess you might say that I felt that no one could beat me. I was wrong. Had I not gone to 5 homes and encouraged them to register and vote I wouldn’t have won.

Here’s the lesson I want to drive home. We have an America that has been resilient to wars, depressions, inflations, and internal strife. America has fed the world, been a friend to the third world countries by sending billions of dollars. We have fed the communist, the socialist, our enemies, our friends and countless others. Why; because we are wealthy. But hold onto your seats because the worst is yet to come. We are losing our status as the number one power in the world.

We have sold out to China; chased our industry out of the country, and placed restrictions on the farmer and the banker. Our socialist enemies are slobbering at the mouth just to see us fail. But their inability to see the future is what will send them to the bread lines of poverty. How can we stop this avalanche of despair coming like a flood to the USA? The answer is vote, let your voice be heard and vote.

There is still a slight chance of turning this around. And it will come because of you and your vote. Texas, Washington, Oregon and California all were admitted into the Union by one vote.

Get involved, join a party and go to work. This country needs you. Let’s not lose America by one vote or even five.

Mayor Dave Moore


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