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We lost a family member to cancer in October 2008. We watched the insurance companies’ EOB (explanation of benefits) and saw how much money the hospitals, doctors and the pharmaceutical companies made off of one cancer patient. It is absolutely mind boggling and just unbelievable. Even so, I was so grateful that we had insurance; I see how devastating it is to a personal life and finances. I would just like to open people’s eyes as to how directly donations are allocated at the American Cancer Society. I have been involved in fundraisers for cancer, especially since our journey. I have received information from the American Cancer Society about the percentage of funds raised and how they are allocated:15 percent towards research, 18 percent prevention, 26 percent patient support, 14 percent detection/treatment, 20 percent fundraising and 7 percent management. The 26 percent for patient support is so important, especially if it opens cancer support centers for any family going through cancer. But it would make more sense to put more money into the cure, and then we wouldn’t have to spend 20 percent on advertising.I don’t want anyone to stop raising money for this cause, but what I do want people to actually do is to write or call the ACS and our politicians to put more pressure on them for a cure and urge them to put 20 percent or more into research. Possibly less into fundraising or other areas. Just imagine how much money is raised each year, between Relay For Life, races, bake sales and telethons. We raise millions, so I just keep asking. How much money is it going to take to cure this horrible disease? Or is a cure what our medical industry, pharmaceuticals and insurance companies want? I ask people to please get involved with what happens to our monies raised and ask the ACS what it will take for a cure. And to urge them to use 20 percent or more towards research. And that we keep on fundraising.Debbie PaceRifle

Attention concerned Americans. According to recent polls that includes most of you.Take heed, there’s still hope for our nation.In spite of the deficit, unemployment, the economy, immigration, etc., there’s justification for confidence and hope for the future.In case you don’t know, there are real men running for Congress, not the usual “political hacks.” These are true American “heroes” – proven patriotic leaders prepared to represent “we the people” – men who fought to protect our freedom throughout their military careers.Combat Veterans for Congress was founded in August 2009 to support two fiscally conservative candidates in two different states. Once the PAC was approved by the Federal Election Commission, endorsements increased to 23 congressional candidates representing 16 states. Currently, an additional 21 veterans in 20 new states are also being considered. We in Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District are fortunate to have one of them standing up to represent us in a manner that John Salazar has failed to do.Bob McConnell, a retired colonel, Airborne Ranger, has decided to continue to demonstrate his love of country and dedicate his leadership skills to, in Bob’s words, “Tearing Down the Walls of Arrogance” that the Obama administration and Congress have erected to stifle our freedoms and even to deny us a voice in the legislative process. Has there ever been a more glaring example of ignoring the will of the people than the recent passage of the health care bill?Right now, Bob is looking forward to the April 23-28 meeting with his fellow veterans in Washington, DC. They will meet with like-minded congressional leaders to discuss plans and strategy for the November election.There are 26 million veterans like Bob McConnell who have dedicated their lives to protecting our liberties. Isn’t it encouraging that there may be at least 44 candidates in 36 states who will meet the call to save our nation?You are invited to see for your self. Visit Bob’s website and and you will experience a real boost in confidence.God bless America.Richard DoranParachute

To the town of Silt:Please accept this as my letter of resignation from the town’s Planning and Zoning Commission.My resignation comes with a great deal of foreboding for the town. The new board I feel will be doing everything it can to turn the town back many years to the days when sound thought and judgment did not run the town. We now have a majority board of yes-men to the mayor and one with a strong and hidden agenda not disclosed or brought out during the election. I feel the new board does not have the best interest of Silt at its forefront but their own misguided agendas. There will be no place for sound and impartial thinking in the new board, and I cannot in good conscience either directly or indirectly be a part of that kind of government. If they have their way – and there is nothing to stop them now – they will try and strip the current town administration of those they do not like or disagree with under the guise of cost cutting. They will try and rewrite the town’s charter to allow the mayor and board more power. Their goal of power over the town of Silt is now been fulfilled.Respectfully Ronald B. (Ron) MorganChairman of the Planning & Zoning Commission

In response to Barb Coddington’s letter, do you have any idea what the government will do to the forest if Hidden Gems passes? The answer is no, because none of us know, and they will do what they want, if recent history has any merit at all. The government has already proven that it will do what it pleases with these types of proposals. If the argument for Hidden Gems is to keep the gas companies out, then say that. But if we let this proposal push through, we will all be sorry, especially our kids. The government will close the lands – no hunting, camping, snowmobiling, dog sledding, cross country skiing, all of it. Wake up and stop kidding yourselves.Hidden Gems is just another place to hide hidden agendas of a few individuals and organizations. I believe people have forgotten what it is like to be able to get away from all of life’s headaches by just stepping into the forest that is basically right outside our back doors in Colorado. The forests have always been a retreat for everyone. Why all of the sudden are we letting private organizations decide what happens for everyone? Only 3.2 percent of the population use wilderness lands. Think about that. That means 96.8 percent use something else, and that is the national forest. Let the Forest Service do its job, and don’t close the forest to our children and grandchildren.Stacie WestNew Castle

As the mother of a child born with cerebral palsy, I wish to thank all the senators and congressmen and -women who have taken a bold stand to put the interests of families like my own above the profit of the insurance companies in this country. It is high time that we recognize that all citizens in this great country are entitled to have access to health insurance. I am aware that all the representatives that helped this bill pass are under great scrutiny by the “Tea Party” regime and others in the Republican Party. I will be as active as I can in making sure that these representatives receive my support as they have supported me. Thank you, Sens. Michael Bennet and Mark Udall, and Congresspeople Diana DeGette, Jared Polis, John Salazar, Betsy Markey and Ed Perlmutter. Your constituents of Colorado thank you greatly.Katherine StarbuckGlenwood Springs

1) The governments and government people permanently gone. The police, sheriff’s department, city and county government management and personnel and fire department gone.2) The Private County would be regulated with a majority vote by the residents. The standards for the Private County would be simplified to a utility bill and majority vote judicial jury. The utility bill includes maintenance and personal expenses, pennies on the dollar compared to existing governments.3) The hospitals would manage and pay for emergency services.4) The Private County would have no property taxes.5) The Private County can permanently develop the county to territory status and separate from the United States.6) The Garfield County government and the city of Glenwood Springs would be liable for all debt the governments made.Mark CollinsGlenwood Springs

So where is the line between providing an appropriate defense for an individual accused of sexual assault and protecting the victim from being blamed and her character attacked throughout the judicial process? It seems to me, that line was crossed many times in the recent Centennial sexual assault trial.If we ever hope to address the issue of violence against women, our courts must find a way to prosecute these crimes while providing some protection for the alleged victim. Lawyers decide what defense approach they will take, and judges decide what will be tolerated in the courtroom. Ultimately, we as a society, must decide what we are willing to accept.The community deserves to have this case retried, but I can completely understand why the victim would not want to put herself in that position again. And so the violence continues.Sarah HessGlenwood Springs

The Humanitarian Awards Committee of the Garfield County Human Services Commission wishes to express its deep apologies to June and John Zacharias. A mistake was made on this year’s awards banquet programs, which did not reflect the correct winners of the 2008 Humanitarian Volunteer Couple, the Zachariases. We sincerely regret this mistake, and wish to let everyone know we really do truly appreciate all the passionate volunteer work June and John do for their cause, the Grand Valley United Methodist Church and its projects.The 2010 Humanitarian Awards Banquet program, which will be created in early 2011, will list June and John as the correct 2008 Volunteer Couple.Again, we are sorry for this mistake, and hope the Zachariases will accept our sincere apology.Respectfully,Kay Vasilakis, chairHumanitarian Awards Committee

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