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I can’t believe Mr. Rachesky calls Obama supporters “mental zombies”! (Voices, April 10) I have to agree with Mr. Boyle about your “paranoid, rabid racism and hate.” Mr. Rachesky, what are you going to do when you get to the pearly gates and St. Peter wants to know what you did during your time on Earth? “Oh, I spent a whole lot of time publicly hating a man and his supporters that I didn’t personally know.” I don’t think that’s going to go over too big. If there’s no gates, Karma’s going to get you anyway and soon, I hope.Gratefully,Donie Grange Glenwood Springs

Attention soccer fans, on Wednesday, around 12:15, noon time, I went to watch the UEFA champions league soccer match at the Brew Pub in the Hotel Denver. As I entered the establishment I was greeted by a friendly “are you looking for someone?” Observing that there was no one sitting at the middle bar, I asked, and I think it was the manager, if I could watch the game on their TV. He said NO, that it creates a “complication” because the bar was closed. Now for a second this didn’t make any sense because I sat there two weeks earlier and got my own beverages from the front bar area without any “complications”. Also, the waitstaff could be available to serve me or anyone else as they are at the most two steps away!! It didn’t seem that busy, a few empty tables. To add insult to injury, the “Manager” suggested I go to the Springs Bar & Grill next to the bridge. Wow, turn away business in this day and age, unbelievable! They must be doing well. So I did and in the future will. With the World Cup of soccer coming on June 11, I will gladly patronize, and suggest all fans also do, the Springs Bar. It seems Rob and his staff know how accommodate their clientele. Enjoy the world’s sporting event! See you there.Richard AngusGlenwood Springs

As the parents of one of the men you feel are sojourners in the Bebb-Jones case, we were really bemused by your letter of April 22, 2010. Your thinly veiled attempt at fiscal concern was obviously a ploy to mask the real reasons for said letter. We think they are pretty obvious; two come to mind: You have an axe to grind with the law enforcement community and/or you are a political shill. International extradition and prosecution of first degree murder is not like playing a video game as you would have us believe. A woman/mother/wife was murdered, dismembered, and dumped to an ignominious and lonely end. We wonder what her surviving loved ones would think of your self-serving motives in regards to bringing her murderer to justice? How many tax dollars do you consider a person’s life to be worth?Thank you for your time,Tom and Jane AshworthRifle

Jane Spaulding’s latest letter about the Hidden Gems proposal contains several errors. Strike that – it contains nothing but errors. Some corrections:The public opinion poll that she cited found that 58 percent of people in Eagle and Summit counties support the Hidden Gems proposal. Even motorized recreationists support the plan by a majority. The poll was conducted among a statistically valid random sample of likely voters, with a margin of error of 4.4 percent. The fact that Ms. Spaulding herself was not surveyed does not reflect on the poll’s accuracy.The Hidden Gems proposal started with Forest Service roadless areas and then whittled those areas down further to accommodate various user groups. Therefore, by definition, it does not advocate any closures of legal roads on Forest Service lands, and only a few minor, uncontroversial ones on BLM lands. People will still be able to access their “cabin in the woods” the same as always. Firewood cutting will be unaffected. Firefighting, including the use of all necessary heavy equipment, will continue to be allowed. Even pre-emptive treatment of beetle-killed trees has been accommodated by adjustments to the Hidden Gems boundaries, as wildfire officials in Summit County (where beetles have killed the most trees) can attest.Dave ReedWilderness WorkshopCarbondale

I just completed a road trip to Idaho that covered at least 20 counties and three states and I am writing again to express my utter disgust at the filth that covers Garfield County roads. I-70 was the worst from the Silt exit heading north to Meeker. Most of the county roads in Garfield County are filthy. The other day I saw some local hero’s picking up trash near the Silt exit and I felt a small flicker of hope, someone else really cares. I am so ashamed of the lack of pride in the valley, the lack of leadership in getting this mess cleaned up ( what are all the CDOT workers doing?) I know it is the not the most desirable job on Earth but there has to be money somewhere to clean this mess up. I spent a day cleaning up my road into the ranch, I get lots of rigger traffic so I have all kinds nice surprises when I pick up messes! Drive up Dry Hollow sometime and check out some of the “ranches” along side the road. I thought there was open pit laws on dumping trash even if it’s your property. I am not sure who the trashy people are that live here, but why don’t you leave cause your not welcome here anymore.Lori Anderson ThompsonSilt

To the City of Glenwood Springs and its residents:How pleasing it is to watch the City begin the landscaping work on the new Midland Ave roundabout near the Sunlight Bridge. And what an opportunity to showcase our rich history and our bright future, as the roundabout site sits adjacent to the Gold Medal waters of the Roaring Fork River and at the gateway to Sunlight Ski Resort and the expansive lands of the White River National Forest, two more of our signature attractions. In my mind’s eye, I see a large and inspiring statue as the centerpiece of this roundabout. Just across the river already sits an impressive statue of a kayaker commemorating yet another aspect of our local landscape. A complimentary statue on the west side seems a natural.The subject of the statue would be an interesting debate: Hiker?, Skier?, Fisherperson?, or a family posed on the top of Sunlight Mountain. Perhaps the Post could solicit ideas and then conduct a straw vote.So, I offer the above as a thought starter. I applaud Glenwood’s current work to add art to our environment – as they say: “You gotta have art”, so how about a few more “Bucks for beauty” at a site that is perhaps the most natural one we have to celebrate our town?Michael LarimeGlenwood Springs

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