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Dear Mr. Grange:

I have to agree with you and Mr. Boyle about Mr. Rachesky. It is the first time I have ever agreed with Mr. Boyle on anything, but when he had to degrade tea party member’s he lost me, he put himself at Mr. Rachesky’s level.

I’m not a tea party member, but I went to their rally to check them out. I don’t trust the News Media whether it’s FOX or MSNBC. I would say 95 percent of tea party people are good Americans concerned about their country. Every group has it’s lunatic fringe – just look at the two political parties running this country, they are run by their lunatic fringe.

One of the main problem’s we have in this country are people like Mr. Rachesky and Mr. Boyle.

Joseph Ceremuga

New Castle

This is an open letter to the RFTA Board of Directors and CEO Dan Blankenship:

There is no reason why riders on your buses should be subjected to the loud conversations both on cell-phones and between passengers. You need to put up bilingual signs stating that this is not acceptable.

Some of your riders are teenagers and I’m sure you would agree that adolescents need to have boundaries set for their behavior in public places. The majority of your riders are non-English speakers who did not grow up in the U.S.

Whenever an adult passenger who did grow up in the U.S. asks a person shouting into a cell phone or engaging in a noisy conversation with a fellow passenger to tone it down, the response is a look of absolute bewilderment. It would be so helpful for me and others like me in this situation to be able to point to a sign supporting our complaint.

Are you going to encourage the development of socially responsible behavior in the Valley’s youth and immigrants, or are you going to be complicit in the erosion of civility?

Judith King

Glenwood Springs

Enough already with the Israeli/Palestine debate in the local papers! How about this: The U.S. stops funding both parties and let the two of them fight it out.

Jack Land

Glenwood Springs

As summer approaches families are looking for ways to keep their children active. Basalt Recreation offers many fun programs in arts and sports. We want to assure parents that we offer financial aid for families who may be experiencing hard times this summer.

Aspen Elks Lodge generously donates financial aid money for us to distribute, so that no child is denied the opportunity to participate in any of our programs. Basalt Recreation Department would like to thank the Aspen Elks Lodge for this very generous donation.

Please contact the Basalt Recreation Department if you would like to learn more about this wonderful opportunity. Thank you, Aspen Elks, for helping us provide awesome learning experiences for the youth of the Roaring Fork Valley.

Dorothy Howard

Basalt Recreation Department

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