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Glenwood Springs, CO Colorado

It is Earth Day once again. As I usually do in the morning, I sit at the computer, eat a bowl of cereal and read the Mostly Independent to catch up on what is going on locally. I then read the opinion section for a little humor to start the day. But as I read Hal Sundin’s latest missive, I laughed so hard I got cereal and milk all over my keyboard.

It was his last line that did it. “Is any more proof needed that global warming is real, that we are the cause, and that prompt action is critical if we are to pass on a livable planet for future generations.”

I say yes. A hell of a lot more. First of all, if the science is so settled why do its proponents fudge the numbers and conspire to keep conflicting data from the public. As Dr. Malcolm Ross of Harvard said, “Freeze or fry, the problem is always industrial capitalism, and the solution is always international socialism.”

These global climate mandates are a socialist economic agenda pretending to be concern for the climate. The threat to liberty and our economy is ominous. Free nations have the cleanest environments, socialist governments have the worst.

But, just in the nick of time, Mother Nature comes to the rescue. The volcano in Iceland (I won’t even attempt to spell its name) has spewed forth five years worth of CO2, among other things, into the atmosphere in just five days, more than all other sources (including man). So all that hand wringing, plastic bag hoarding, bicycling to work, little electric car driving and shallow breathing are for naught.

Besides, according to the US Department of Energy, man contributes only 3.207 percent of the CO2 in the atmosphere. And CO2 accounts for only 38 thousandths of a percent of our planet’s atmosphere.

So, breathe deeply, fire up the barbie, take that SUV for a spin, double bag those groceries and turn up the heat. Good old Earth is gonna be just fine.

And Hal, lighten up a little.

Bob Anderson

Glenwood Springs

I was very disappointed to find a cartoon as offensive as the one depicted on page 3 in the Weekend insert of Friday April 23. Most children like to read the cartoons in the newspaper, but I would not let my children see this one. It is offensive in so many ways, and for the local newspaper to print such items really makes me wonder about what message you are trying to send. I may be an overprotective parent but I do not see the sense in this type of material.

Veronica Capraro


Hurray for Judith King! We are tired of hearing this gibberish these illegals speak, it makes no sense to anyone but other illegals. It is not only the teenagers who cause unacceptable behavior, adults get on with little children and they tickle, giggle and otherwise encourage them to be rowdy on the bus. Those poor bus drivers have to put up with it for eight hours a day because the idiots don’t know they are being annoying and RFTA basically sides with them, the customer is always right. Get on the bus, sit down, be quiet, turn off your music and don’t cause any problems for anyone. We can’t make you go back to where you came from because there are “bleeding hearts” that believe you have a right to be here – but you don’t. You are a pain, and we wish you were gone. I doubt you will even realize what we are saying because you don’t speak English, the language of the wonderful country you live in. Hurray for all the people who are tired of the mess this country is in.

Susie Harris

New Castle

Arts in the schools enrich students’ lives. Some research shows that art is the reason certain teens stay in school. There are also articles in education journals that indicate that the arts may actually improve students’ ability to perform well in other classes. It is a privilege to teach in a valley where the arts are valued. The Basalt High School Art Department would like to thank parents and community members for their support of our program. Things will be tighter next year as our funds will be cut about 20 percent. We have not had a fundraiser for years because of generous donations and the nice budget we had from the district. Next year we will be reaching out to the community more to help us continue to provide excellent opportunities for our students to be creative.

Please come to the art show May 5,6 and 7 to see what our artists have produced this year.

Thank you to the town of Basalt and Glenwood Springs Art Guild for money they generously gave this year. Also we thank our judges in advance for helping us with the show.

Congratulations to Erin Erickson for winning the Glenwood Springs Art Guild scholarship.

Tish McFee and Sunny Harrison

BHS Art Department

Mr. Reed, you, yourself, have made some clear mistakes in your last letter to the editor (“Clearing up some things on Hidden Gems,” April 23). I would like to clear up the mistakes that you made in your letter.

Firstly, Hidden Gems did not start with the United States Forest Service’s (USFS) plan and then “whittle down.” The USFS 2002 plan called for 82,000 acres of wilderness designation; Hidden Gems originally called for 400,000 acres and then “whittled down” from there. The USFS has yet to agree on the proposed acreage, and many of these areas are controversial unlike you claim.

Secondly, Hidden Gems does advocate for the closure of legal roads on Forest Service lands and dramatically limits access into them. The Wilderness Act of 1964 specifically states that “there shall be no temporary road, no use of motor vehicles” in wilderness areas. Many of these “cabins in the woods” cannot be accessed without motor vehicles. Hidden Gems is taking away people’s favorite spots by controlling how they get there. Motorized recreationists do not support the plan by a majority. The poll was run by Hidden Gems, and, miraculously, people were in favor. In no way should citizens trust your survey. It’s like Ford running a survey and providing polls to show people prefer their car. Of course your survey says that.

Lastly, only a small portion of the problem areas with pine beetle infestation has been removed. That does not solve the problem of pine beetle infestation because as soon as it spreads into the wilderness areas, very little can be done about it.

I urge all Colorado citizens to prevent the Hidden Gems from taking our back yards from us, and urge Mr. Reed to actually be clear about the proposal in the future.

Ryan Rebhan


The 59th annual National Day of Prayer will take place on Thursday, May 6. The theme for this year is “Prayer for Such a Time as This.” Thousands of people and events from coast to coast will unite in prayer this day. National Day of Prayer is based on Nahum 1:7, which states: “The Lord is good, a refuge in times of trouble. He cares for those who trust in Him.”

I urge all those Christians who are following our Lord and Saviour to unite and go to your local church of worship and spend some time in prayer. Never has there been a time or need to pray for our country as now. Our government from the local government to the state and on up to the federal level needs our prayers. Our government and this great country was founded by Christian men and women who prayed daily to God. That’s how we got our “freedom”.

As the great song so states in “Onward, Christian Soldiers”:

“Onward, Christian Soldiers, Marching as to war, With the Cross of Jesus going on before. Christ the Royal Master, leads against the foe; Forward into battle, See His banners go! Hell’s foundations quiver at the shout of praise, and prayer. Christians, lift your voices, Loud your anthems raise! Like a might army moves the Church of God. On-ward, then ye people.”

Join the National Day of Prayer.

America, the beautiful, let our freedom ring.

May our Heavenly Father hear from each and every one of us on this day.

Pray and pray again, this is our country and let our freedom ring.


Adria Milton-Baker

New Castle

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