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This just in … from one of my “exclusive sources” outside the mainstream media. You are learning it here because our present generation of sports writers may not have a background in football history and what made the game so popular, unique and competitive back in the early 1900s.

The Denver Broncos selection of Tim Tebow is not “an off the wall decision.” You see, “Boy-Wonder” Coach McDaniels has an absolutely imaginative “master plan” for the 2010-2011 NFL season.

Tim Tebow will be at tailback leading a “smash-mouth” offense in the Broncos new single wing formation. That’s right, Denver will be the only pro team utilizing the “buck lateral,” “blocking back keeper,” “fullback wedge,” “wingback reverse,” “tailback sweep and sweep pass,” to name a few of the instant replays you will be watching.

The single wing offense was “invented” by Pop Warner when he coached the Carlisle Indians starring Jim Thorpe as early as 1907. The single-wing nearly disappeared from collegiate and professional football in the early 1950s. Denison University was the only remaining college in America to utilize the offense during the 39-year career of Keith Piper who retired in 1992. Piper’s teams were consistently ranked among the NCAA Division III national leaders in total offense, rushing offense and scoring offense while operating out of the archaic single-wing formation.

The Pittsburgh Steelers were the last pro team to run the single wing offense back in 1951.

It is also “rumored” that Coach McDaniels attended the first ever Keith Piper Memorial Football Coaches Clinic earlier this year and obtained copies of Glenn (Pop) Warners’ game plans for most of his 318 wins, and Piper’s play books he used during his 200 collegiate victories.

Sincerely singlewinging it,

Richard Doran


According to a recent article in the Denver Post, the state and local officials and politicians in Wyoming are attempting to protect thousands of acres of the habitat of the sage grouse from the effects of energy drilling. The article also stated that even some of the drilling companies had agreed not to drill in this habitat.

Compare this with Colorado where our state and local officials and politicians are complicit with the energy drilling companies who are intent on drilling in or in close proximity to the habitat of approximately 5,000 people in the Battlement Mesa PUD.

Apparently the sage grouse have not invested any money in infrastructure such as roads, water, etc., that can used by the drilling companies, making their habitat much less attractive for drilling in than the Battlement Mesa habitat.

I would move out but I believe that it is impossible to recover my investment in my property because of the drilling activity.

Garry Evenson

Battlement Mesa

What you do not understand is the ruling elite probably hates to lose money more than you do, and considering that every country has a ruling party or class there are many different ideologies, beliefs, etc.

This is probably the reason they would like a one-world government, a one-world religion, and a one-world economy: This would simplify things.

However, a one-world government will never work, probably due to these different ideologies and the fact that there is always some guy out there who wants more power and control than anyone else.

A one-world religion probably does not work, because all religions break up into different sects. The main religions of the world at least believe that Jesus was at the minimum a prophet.

A one-world economy does not work because not only do the economies vary from city to city but the various countries are in different stages of development and probably always will be.

If you would like to believe that the small ruling elite class – maybe 3,500-5,000 people around the world – can control the lives of 6 billion people on this planet, including yours, I think you are mistaken.

I think what the countries should do is show what they are doing and then the other countries can decide if and how it fits into their scheme of things.

For example, the Canadian banks did not fail due to the rules and regulations they have in place. Mexico may have one of the strictest immigration laws, so they can go there for immigration. New Zealand and Australia probably have one of the strongest economies in the world, and Sweden is probably the most socialistic country on the planet. Considering all countries are a combination of capitalism, socialism and democracy, then that may be a basic start. I am sure all countries have something to offer and contribute to the others.

By the way, I am more of a capitalist than anything else, but I also realize that there is a socialistic side to our economy as well.

Gregory Johnson


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