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At Thunder River Theatre Company, we presented another free Literary Night, a special bi-lingual event, and the featured author was Federico Garcia Lorca. We have done over 18 Literary Nights. The audiences have always been small and supportive. On this night it was packed. Over 100 people attended and it was a very exciting and stimulating evening. There is something to be said for perseverance. Thank you all for coming out. Literary Nights are part of Community Outreach … and a wee gift from us to you. Thank you to my TRTC colleagues, Richard Lyon and Carlos Herrera, and of course, to my associate Valerie Haugen for putting together yet another awesome Literary Night. And to our valley educators – please remember that we would be happy to bring to your classes any of our Literary Nights, always free, as part of our Educational Outreach. A complete list is available upon request.Lon WinstonCarbondale

Honda announced today that Oklahoma would become the fourth regional market to offer the Honda GX compressed natural gas vehicle. Oklahoma follows Utah, California and New York. These states were selected due to the best refueling infrastructure combined with expressed plans for expansion of their respective CNG refueling networks. The West Slope Colorado Oil & Gas Association is committed to working in western Colorado to move our region up on the list of desirable states for CNG vehicle offerings. Our organization, in light of Honda’s announcement, encourages readers to contact the local officials of Garfield County and thank them for their recent work in making CNG an option for consumers. Cleaner air, domestic fuel and the ability to fill up the tank at home may one day be a reality not just in neighboring Utah, but in western Colorado, too. LudlamExecutive DirectorWest Slope Colorado Oil & Gas Association

I was downtown shopping and had some time so I thought I would check out the Dan Sprick exhibit at the CMC building. Wow, this is the most powerful visual art I have seen. The detail is so exact it is almost scary. I felt like I was looking at the artists rendition of the subjects personality. These paintings have to be seen to be believed … there are that good. When I left, I was so affected that before I left Glenwood for home I went back to view them again.I urge everyone to stop by and see these paintings. Mr. Sprick is a very talented artist and his work is at the very least … “moving”. The portraits make me wish I could meet the subjects (“coach” especially) and compare reality with the art.Thanks to CMC and Mr. Sprick.Brad GatesNew Castle

Re: Emily Schroeder of Carbondale’s letter of April 26, “Ride in Single File” – the premise of the complaint is incorrect. Cyclists ARE legally permitted to ride two abreast on Colorado roads. Senate Bill 148 was passed on May 11, 2009 and went into effect on Aug. 5. SB 148 creates safe and common sense rules for bicycles and motor vehicles on public roads. Here are the highlights:Passing – The bill gives motorists more freedom to safely pass a bicyclist by allowing them to cross the centerline when safe to do so. By allowing three feet passing distance, it creates a safer environment on the road.Lane position – Clarifying language gives bicyclists the ability to ride as far right as is safe. Also on one-way roads with more than one lane, bicyclists may also ride as far left as is safe. More than one rider – The bill clarifies that bicyclists may pass one another or ride side-by-side if they are not impeding the normal and reasonable movement of traffic.Anti-harassment – Language in the bill makes throwing an object towards a bicyclist a class 2 misdemeanor and driving towards a bicyclist in a dangerous manner a careless driving offense.An easy way to remember the new law is “3-2-1”. 3 feet must be allowed when passing a cyclist. 2 riders may legally ride side-by-side when traffic is clear. 1 cyclist must ride single file when traffic is present. Here’s to safe cycling and driving for all in 2010! Jeanne GolayGlenwood Springs

Hey Hidden Gems, just so you know, nothing, I mean nothing will ever keep me or my family from the backcountry of Colorado. Not you, not your pathetic attempt by your tree hugging neighbors to shut it down. Go ahead and get your law passed. Do you really think I or many of us will obey anything passed? Not me! I will continue to ride and gallivant as I wish. You wanna ticket me, you will have to catch me first. I will continue to hunt, hike, walk, horseback and ride my ATV wherever the law today says I can. Not the law of tomorrow. Not your law. Ever!Why you ask, because I am sick and tired of people such as yourselves trying to steer the course of my life and others around me, because you, “feel this is what’s best.” I feel all of you Hidden Gems advocates should shut your mouth, period. You are tangling with every true Colorado redneck, and some not so true … none the less, you sure you want that group of people upset at you? Jason BirminghamNew Castle

Dave Moore and his lynch mob are forgetting that they won by only 5 votes. Four of those votes came from themselves. This is hardly a “mandate”. I am not sure the town of Silt will recover from having a mayor who can’t speak or write properly, and three other male businessmen with self-serving agendas.Mary BlichmannSilt

Earth Day reminds us how critical it is to be aware of, and take responsibility for, the toxic load of herbicide, pesticide, solvents, heavy metals, lead, mercury, uranium, tungsten, war toxins, petroleum products, petroleum exhaust products, persistent organic pollutants, dioxins, phthalates, PBA’s, thrown away plastics, trash loading, chemical fertilizers, climate warming gases, CO2, methane, free radical oxides, brown fielding of extractive sites and other products of a civilized, extractive society that depredates the air, aquifers, lands, rivers, and soil, while depleting biota, natural resources and ecosystems.We are quickly rendering this planet uninhabitable. Toxicity is visible in the health of wildlife, forests, crops, pets, children, economy and us. Celebrate nature, nurture the ecosystem.Respectfully,John HoffmannCarbondale

I cannot recall a time when corruption in Washington D.C. has been so obvious nor when people of such suspicious backgrounds have held such high positions without investigation. Congressmen and the public alike seem to be asleep or encased in a cocoon of denial. This is truly a time when the easiest choice seems to be to go for the dangled carrot. Phoning or writing current national representatives does not bring about any change in their positions. It is the position itself that matters – that cushy seat with all the benefits, not the will of the people. I had lost all faith in politicians when I had the recent privilege of meeting and listening to Bob McConnell who is running against John Salazar for his seat in the 3rd Congressional District. Bob does not have the money that Scott Tipton has, with his inside ties and support. But, I think it is time for voters to stop listening to the slick rhetoric that comes from experience and recognize that common folks from a variety of backgrounds are the best to serve. That is exactly what our founding fathers had intended – ordinary citizens serving. Career politicians too soon forget who elected them. John Salazar has turned his back on western Colorado. Go to a political forum and hear Bob McConnell or go on line and read his positions and purpose. You will like him.Carol Abbott Parachute

Did anyone read where a farmer or rancher, not sure which, was killed on the U.S./ Mexican boarder.Apparently he didn’t welcome illegals crossing his land and he was killed – or it could have been the drug cartels. It was not in the newspaper, but then, no one wants that reported. We have such a great homeland security in place watching our boarders. I’m sure there will be more bloodshed, but our Janet won’t want that reported, she is doing such a good job. Another example. A diplomat has made a joke on an airplane, but then he has diplomatic immunity? Is that not a great country or what?If he is not put on the top of the no fly list … we should be really happy with Homeland Security; and he was going to visit someone in prison? Do they have guts or what? Two congressmen are going to submit a blanket amnesty to our president. It will toughen the laws to become a citizen and give blanket amnesty to millions of Illegals. We get to e-mail our congressmen again and threaten them?How much more can this Congress and the President do to the American public? Vote the bums out.All of them.Jane SpauldingCarbondale

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