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I feel more confident in my ability to protect myself if needed because of a self-defense class I took from 2nd degree black belt Pam Whittington, of Brian Mable Karate in Glenwood Springs. Taking Pam’s class helped me to feel stronger and more empowered, realizing that there are quick and easy ways I can defend myself. Thanks to Pam, I have become capable of protecting myself. It was a class well worth the minimal fee that was charged.

I highly recommend it and thank Pam for her dedication. May 15 will be her last class for the spring, and I hope that women and/or young ladies reading this will be inspired to reserve a space for themselves.

Kris Nemelka

Glenwood Springs

Finally one of the 50 United States of America has enacted some real immigration reform. Arizona has given local law enforcement the power to enforce our federal immigration laws. The whole country should follow this example instead of catering to those who call for reform, when in reality they want blanket amnesty for the millions who spit on American sovereignty.

Arizona can look forward to saving billions of tax dollars it had been spending on health care, education, welfare and prisons for illegal aliens. Arizona will see its crime rate decrease and its budget balanced. Arizona will see thousands of jobs open up with higher wages.

Meanwhile, here in our fair valley, we give humanitarian of the year awards to soft-hearted clowns who welcome foreign criminals with open arms. What a pathetic joke.

The United States cannot continue to play Mother Theresa to the whole world. We allow more than 1 million legal immigrants to enter our country every year. Enough is enough.

If you enter our country illegally, your only “right” is to be deported. It’s time we all started enforcing our immigration laws and taking care of American citizens. Screw the illegal aliens.

Bruno Kirchenwitz


Why is it that the word illegal is never used in the immigrant stories posted in this paper when, indeed, that is the case? People rallying to support those that are lawbreakers, whether they were brought here by their lawbreaking parents or crossed the border illegally themselves, is a disgrace. Crossing our borders illegally and then waving their flags and having the nerve to blatantly protest this country’s laws. Try that in Mexico!

Kudos to Arizona’s Governor Brewer for doing what our President and other officials in charge of our laws should have done years ago. A thumbs down and shame on all of you that are supporting the illegals entering this country and therefore encouraging more to break our laws by crossing our borders … illegally!

To Leo McKinney, Spanish may not be gibberish (in Mexico) but it would be much appreciated if those that haven’t would learn the language of the USA, which last I heard is English. Yes, I might be another one that would be more comfortable in Arizona … a state that has a governor that believes in enforcing our laws. Press one for English indeed!

Judy Burnette

Glenwood Springs

The audacity to think, reason and believe is a God given right. What we think and believe depends on our reasoning ability along with our education, as well as our life experiences. The right to express our belief is a freedom we all share as Americans. The freedom of thought and expression has helped to guide our nation across the rocky path and into the 20th century.

Today the freedoms and liberty we so cherish have been poisoned by greed. Recently, wars and debt ate away at the hearts of Americans, while the middle class manufacturing base sank in the quicksand with cheap labor of foreign countries. A cancer had grown and engulfed our country putting it in a downward spiral, a deep dark hole of depression and despair. This cancer was greed and it reached everywhere demoralizing our financial institutions, exploding the costs of war, creating a political lobbying slush fund to maintain the status quo; while people everywhere were falling through the cracks facing job losses and financial turmoil.

What caused society to go so wrong and drink the kool-aid that poisoned our hopes and dreams? We now live in a country where one percent has 95 percent of the wealth. Where four banks control two-thirds of the credit in America, as well as hold 60 percent of all the mortgages. They control 600 trillion, which is 65 percent of the nation’s GDP.

We were brought up in a nation where hard work, competition and manufacturing goods generated a culture of sharing, with laws that provided for workers’ rights in creating the middle class and the strongest nation in the world. You can become rich and wealthy beyond your wildest dreams for doing nothing – this only happens on Wall Street because we let it happen. Now we live with the consequences of the fallout.

Many good people were caught up in this economic disaster by drinking the kool-aid and many others by no fault of their own. Simply put, a freewheeling, unregulated, capitalistic society cannot be trusted in a democracy. We need regulations!

Jim Childers

New Castle

It appears that 42,000 gallons of heavy thick crude is spewing up from the downed deep-water rig in the Gulf of Mexico. Daily! “It’s premature to say this is catastrophic. I will say this is very serious,” said Coast Guard Rear Adm. Mary Landry.

I am curious as to the definition of a catastrophe. I am sure that the families of the 11 missing and presumed dead from the explosion may consider this a catastrophe. Maybe it’s just a tragedy. The environmental effects have not hit catastrophic proportions, as it has yet to wash up and ruin the wetlands and beaches of Louisiana, Mississippi, Arkansas, Alabama, and Florida. Maybe by the weekend. Perhaps the 2500 to 4000 square miles and growing of oil slick are not catastrophic to many, just turtles, fish and birds, clams and shrimp. Corralling the oil with booms and burning it off in a giant floating bonfire is probably not a catastrophe, unless you’re in the general area or down wind and have not lost your sense of smell. Having hundreds of boats and possible U.S military involved in remediation is not catastrophic, as I’m sure that BP will gladly reimburse all involved. Catastrophic to the shareholders?

To paraphrase that bastion of environmentalism and energy independence, Sarah Palin, “How’s that deep-water-oil-drilling-thingy workin’ for ya”? Spill baby, spill! As of today, they have no solution to stop the flow. Let’s open up more water to deep-water rigs. Heck, doesn’t the wind blow and the water flow towards Europe off the U.S. east coast? Oops, I have to run. My solar panels are leaking extra electricity and it’s flowing into my neighbor’s meter and house. Sorry about that. I don’t think it’s a catastrophe yet.

Craig S. Chisesi


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