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To all those people out there that are focusing all their energy on illegal immigration by Mexicans, remember that your families and ancestors too were illegal. I am pretty sure Sitting Bull, Chief Josef, Geronimo, and the like felt the same way you do, and look what ended up happening to them. To the Native Americans the whites were the illegals. And let us not forget, Colorado Utah, California, etc., were all part of Mexico at one time.

Michael Salazar


Drew Gremillion wrote in the April 30 PI about the proposed bill threatening our access to dietary supplements.

Please wake up, people. The government can’t get anything right. The FDA allows MSG, a poison, in our foods that has resulted in increased dementia among our populace. It has many more frightening side affects. If it is canned, bottled or in a restaurant, chances are it has MSG. It has many aliases.

These government agencies do not care about the safety of our food or us. It is all about the money, honey. Don’t let this happen.

Bill O’Reilly of Fox News had a bad experience and broadcast it, stating he wants our supplements monitored. I have nothing against O’Reilly, but I wrote to him and told him to educate himself. There is a great book titled “Prescription for Nutritional Healing.” I used the information in that book to bring myself back from a near-failure of my lymphatic system, resulting in hives and other horrible consequences. MSG was the major culprit.

And our lovely government approves of this poison. All it does it trick the taste buds into thinking the food tastes better than it does. And we wonder why the epidemic of obesity in this country? Duh.

We do not need the government meddling in our food and/or supplements any more than they already do. Tell your congressmen and representatives to butt out. Tell them to vote no on the Dietary and Supplement Safety Act. With government-run health care, I certainly don’t need them interfering with the best way I have found to give my body what it needs to stay healthy.

Juanita R. Williams


Although I’m a liberal, I recognize that there is a time and a place for the tea party movement. Tea partiers, patriots, militias and the rest are part of the immune system of our democracy: If there’s ever a serious threat to our freedoms, we’ll all be glad to have those folks on our side.

The problem is that there is no such threat now. This outpouring of scorn for government, and for the Obama administration in particular, is like an autoimmune response, where the body’s own defenses are turning on itself. It doesn’t heal, it only makes us sicker.

Dave Reed


Thank you, Commissioner John Martin, for your leadership in restoring a “justifiable entitlement” for many of us old people. The Ritter regime in its many dubious decisions reneged on their prior commitment to allow a senior property tax exemption to those of us 65 or older who have occupied their primary residence for at least 10 years.

You Garfield County commissioners are to be commended for taking this action. All too often you are subjected to public scrutiny only for the more controversial decisions you are required to make.

Not only was this a “righteous” decision, but it could be a “good omen” as well, by proving to the voting public that bad political decisions by inept administrations can be rightfully changed, providing we elect the right people to office to represent us.

God bless America.

Richard Doran


I agree with everything R.L. Rose said in his/her letter of May 3, except concerning the color of the new hotel at Meadows.

I lived in West Glenwood for 25 years, we had a complete view of Wulfsohn Ranch from our home before the Coal Seam Fire and it was developed. Each color used in the hotel is/was a color that was a very prominent color of the oak brush and other trees that were burned or cleared.

I think it is great, someone finally looked at the landscape and made a building fit in as much as possible by using native coloring. Compare it to the brick walls with the “bulls eye” and other lighted corporate signage. Really now, are the bricks with a big red bulls eye more attractive? Maybe in Denver. I like the earth tones personally.

Good job to whoever chose the colors and painted that hotel. I’m willing to bet the city had nothing to do with it.

As far as the “speed humps” on Midland. Try doing what I do, hit them at the speed limit and say, wheee! I’m no city planner, but just maybe a police officer with radar might work to control speed on Midland. No “studies” the city paid for gave that option, apparently. It’s maybe too complicated for us “civilians” to understand, with the simple thought processes we can muster, but it seems like a no-brainer to me. Everyone understands money. If speeding on Midland was super expensive …

Brad Gates

New Castle

I enjoy reading the letters daily with a cup of coffee, and I find it so interesting how different people’s opinions are.

For the most part, when something is out of our control we throw accusations and plainly just complain about whatever issue they do not agree with.

Just be proactive in whatever beliefs you have. Be a part of change, because complaining isn’t going to change a thing.

Also, pick your battles, not all of them are worth fighting for. If people can’t find a common ground, worldwide, we’re going to self-destruct.

What can you do to make your community and country a better place? Ask yourself this question and then do something about it.

Jenell Hilderbrand

Glenwood Springs

I am appalled, disgusted, revulsed with the wave of hatred of undocumented immigrants washing over the great Grand Canyon state, causing the state Legislature to pass the odious SB 1070, which makes any undocumented immigrant a criminal for merely breathing in Arizona. This mean-spirited and racist law deserves visceral reaction.

Burned in my earliest memories is the sight of neighbor kids and their families marked with the Star of David dragged out of their homes by uniformed goons to (then) unknown destinations. No, this can’t happen in America … or can it? Early during their regime the Nazis also started with milder forms of discrimination. Hatred is a self-devouring monster, it is never satisfied. Once we start depersonalizing others into categories such as “illegal aliens,” it will be all too easy to forget they are fellow humans with body, soul and spirit just like us.

I agree the federal government and Congress have been shamefully remiss in their duty to enact meaningful, humane immigration reform and utterly failed in protecting our borders. But that is no reason for any state to go over to the dark side. Yes, SB 1070 explicitly prohibits racist behavior and profiling by law enforcement officers. Those are words, words, words. In the end it is our actions and not our words that count.

What is going to constitute “suspicious behavior”? Is it flying the Mexican flag, any foreign flag, loud ranchero music, publicly speaking another language?

This is America, we cannot and will not let this happen.

Gerry VanderBeek

Glenwood Springs

I would like to thank the great state of Arizona for having the courage to stand up to illegal immigration. I will fully support that state in all it does and plan on my money and support going to that wonderful state. Now if the state of Colorado will have some courage, we, too, can tackle this problem. For you who believe they are here to blend in and be a valuable part of our society, wake up.

Rick Covington

Glenwood Springs

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