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The platform explosion and oil leak in the Gulf is heartbreaking and far reaching beyond imagination; obviously beyond the non-regulated ‘oilngas’ industry’s imagination. The faith put in poorly, or under-engineered containment measures is part of the hubris that the industry struts, and we believe(ed).

The fact that we, and the government, continue to believe them is our fault. It’s like having a loaded gun in a supposedly locked gun cabinet and not checking the lock, let alone the safety.

We are dealing with titanic forces that have influences that will alter the earth for generations. This is ONE oil platform. Offshore oil drilling is insanity until ‘oilngas’ allow one half , or a healthy percentage of their astronomical profits, to go to safety measures. It makes those closed door meetings with Cheney ( Halliburton) where energy policy was decided, the same deregulated energy policy we have today, seriously sinister.

I spent a month on the white sand beaches of the Florida panhandle, the ones that will be black, witnessing the coldest winter in 26 years that froze the citrus crop and the strawberries. I would hang a coat on the door knob and the cold air would actually move my coat; zero insulation around the door; something, of course, hard to notice when it’s air-conditioning, going out.

We are all car-driving, energy consumers, who share responsibility with the profit guzzling oil companies, and the government when not bought and sold, who refuses to tax gas and reduce demand, and save us from ourselves.

Closer to home maybe this catastrophe will illustrate, to say, John Martin, that neither the EPA or the industry is infallible enough to make decisions, even based on their expertise, that could alter water, wildlife, air, or livelihoods thus affecting our lovely valley [and they need to clean up after themselves.]

It is responsible to regulate and even possibly err on the side of caution.

Barb Coddington


In Response to we all used to be Mexico,

I think the key word here is used to be. Illegal immigration is well, simply, illegal. It seems that Michael Salazar would like to turn this into a race issue. If one race fights another than it is a race issue, if the races fight among themselves, and they always do if they have no one else to fight or blame, than what is it? I do believe the Indians themselves had territories for a reason. There is a way to enter this country legally that protects both countries, the immigrant from abuse and so that they can walk around freely, and the community they are entering. I am sure our Government would welcome anyone who is eligible to run for office and can win, this would include the Indians. The blacks have their block, I am sure the Indians could form one if they so desired. I am not sure what if anything happened between the Mexicans and the Indians, I am just not aware of that part of history.

Sincerely Yours,

Gregory Johnson


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