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Glenwood Springs, CO Colorado

Thanks, Arizona, for showing the other 49 states how to be. People are being incredibly unreasonable about this law. Arizona needs the law; if things get half as bad here in Colorado as they are in Arizona, Colorado would adopt the law.

That’s why 70 percent of Arizonans want the law. Arizona is the kidnapping capital of the U.S. right now, children vanish there. Some they get back, others go into human trafficking, sold to whomever for whatever.

There’s also the drugs, the guns, the gangs, the murders, the list of crimes go on. Jails there are full that taxes pay for.

Arizonans have the right to be safe in their own country. Don’t they? So who has a suggestion for Arizona? It’s got to be all politically correct … unachievable. There is no politically correct way to remove the illegals in this country because the majority are Mexicans – reality check, that is the way it is.

I feel for legal immigrants, you know, the ones who paid thousands and thousands of dollars to get here and spent years away from their family in order to become a citizen legally, that’s fair. What about them, what are we going to do for them? Or is it just, too bad so sad, which sucks to be you. You should have come in through Mexico.

Immigrants who are not here from Mexico don’t get any help; what make Mexicans so special? At this point this is how it is. Wanna play the discrimination card? Then this is the time. Legal immigrants are being discriminated against.

Mexicans are not the only immigrants in this country, contrary to their belief, there are other immigrants here from other parts of the world. They are not the only people on this planet that want to escape bad living situations and oppressive governments for opportunity.

It is unreasonable and brainless for illegals or anyone else to think illegals have rights here. Pay your thousands and thousands, spend years away from your family just like every other legal immigrant has done, and you, too, can have a green card.

Jolene Varley


A recent letter compares Arizona legislation to Nazi round-ups. This is not a valid analogy. Jewish citizens of Germany were sent to extermination camps as were Jewish citizens of all the countries Germany conquered. All Arizona wants is more power to return illegal immigrants to their native country.

Mexicans illegally in the U.S. are not being sent back to face death squads like Salvadorian rebels were in the ’80s. They are not refugees from genocide in Rwanda or Darfur. They are being sent back to Third World poverty. We can understand motives for illicitly crossing the border, but vast undocumented migration is causing a multi-faceted crisis in this country where our humane traditions have made us victims of anchor baby scams. Arizona, the state most victimized by illegal immigration, should be supported for finally taking a proactive stance.

Another recent letter calling us all illegals from a tribal peoples’ perspective seeks to undermine the validity of the designation illegal. The only immigrations relevant to our present predicament are those since the U.S. was a sovereign nation. Most Americans are descendants of legal immigrants from an era when a growing nation needed abundant manual labor. The reality now is that we cannot afford the social and economic cost of illicit migration.

We need a secure border and documented guest workers, adults only, who are here for a specified and monitored period. Instead we see criminal complicity on the part of employers, landlords and certain charities. Then there are those who advocate for the illegals either from an ideological agenda or naivete. Between the complicit and the advocates, illegals have been given a bogus sense of entitlement to manipulate our systems to the detriment of all who neither profit from their presence nor feel compelled to protect them from legal consequences.

Judith King

Glenwood Springs

I have to admit I was amused by a couple of the letters to the editor about illegal immigration.

Gerry Vanderbeek suggests that enforcing our laws is similar to persecution of Jews and is an issue of discrimination. He even suggests that by categorizing the “illegal aliens” we are depersonalizing “fellow humans with body, soul and spirit.” I would remind him that we have countless felons who are also “fellow humans with body, soul and spirit,” yet I don’t see him agonizing over their incarceration.

Further, I’m sure that Gerry knows that the concept of “reasonable suspicion” has been used for many years in law enforcement and has withstood multiple court challenges, yet I don’t believe he’s complained about its use with other criminal elements. Someone who breaks our laws is a criminal, whether they are an illegal immigrant or a murderer, and needs to be dealt with accordingly. It is absurd to compare protecting our borders with religious persecution, so I can only assume that Gerry was trying for an emotional reaction when speciously correlating Nazi-ism with Arizona’s new law.

Michael Salazar then reminds us that the only true natives are the native indians. It seems ironic to me that he would use them as an example, when American Indians can certainly tell you firsthand what happens when you don’t control immigration. You end up losing your country to the immigrants. As far as Mexico goes, he is right, large parts of the west used to belong to Mexico. The key word is “used.” It seems Mexico had its own problem with failing to control immigration, and what used to belong to Mexico now belongs to the U.S. I don’t believe that Michael was trying to highlight that particular lesson, but highlight it he did.

The folks who amuse me the most are those who call SB1070 “racist.” The law applied to all illegal immigrants, regardless of if they are Hispanic, Negro, Caucasian or any other race, therefore the law is not racist … but using “racist” as an epithet is the last resort of someone who no longer has an argument to stand on.

Joe Blanc


Nuts! A ordinance that states you can’t sell pipes in Gwood. What will I do …. my plans to install an irrigation system just faded. Barry King doesn’t like pipe stores (and most likely medical marijuana dispensaries) in Glenwood. At least these stores look better than empty buildings as tourists come to town. And who knows, maybe some visitors would be interested in a town with so many unusual stores.

Donie Grange

Glenwood Springs

Why does it appear EAB’s public entity members play nice with the very industry that time and time again has adversely impacted their communities and cheated them on revenues they so clearly need?

The town of Parachute gives them an award while their streets are in shambles from the dirt and potholes of industry traffic. This town’s representatives rarely attend and yet purport to know how viscous and wasteful things are at EAB meetings.

While the town of New Castle can get the industry’s information on injection wells immediately, citizens can’t get information on spills or air quality.

Battlement Mesa Inc. gets a message board threatening job loss if jake brakes are applied within its limits. Yet citizens complained about jake brakes all over rural Garfield County for years and brakes still screech.

A school district praises their relations with the industry even though two districts would have unknowingly lost $2 million in levies due to underreported income by one company over three years had it not been for an outside audit.

Citizens must pay assessed valuations on time or are publicly listed as delinquent. It is simply disheartening that the majority of the municipal issues can be addressed “immediately” while the rest of the citizens’ industry-caused issues outside municipalities are ignored.

Where’s the equity?

Linda Dixon

New Castle

To the people who are using Blake Avenue as a detour around the construction on Grand Avenue: First of all, it is a small, not well-maintained side street, and it does not save you any time.

Second, please obey the stop signs and other rules of the road and realize that not all intersections are four-way stops.

Third, there are no sidewalks between 23rd and 27th streets so please watch out for pedestrians, particularly children.

Lastly (and particularly to the woman who called me a name in front of my children this morning) there is no need to use profanity or threats with each other, we are all in the same situation, just trying to get where we need to go.

Angelique Petterson

Glenwood Springs

May is Better Hearing and Speech Month. This is a great time to revisit the importance of early intervention services.

Approximately 12 percent of children are considered to be “late talkers.” Late talkers are defined as children who have less than a 50-word vocabulary at 24 months of age. Generally, the rule of thumb is that 2-year-olds should be talking in two-word utterances. This is known as the “two-by-two” rule.

If your child is a late talker (or is difficult to understand) you should consider calling our local Child Find services at 384-6006 for a free speech-language evaluation for children birth to age 5. (FYI: Child Find also handles free pediatric occupational and physical therapy evaluations as well.)

A lot of children who talk late are fine. However, late talking can be the first tell-tale sign of something more involved. Early intervention is one of the most important things that you can do for your child.

A special thanks to Drs. David and Ellen Brooks (as well as the rest of the pediatric team at Pediatric Partners) for their in-depth wellness checks and spot-on referrals.


Jill Rathbun

speech-language pathologist


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