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Glenwood Springs, CO Colorado

Dear Garfield County Commissioners:

Just because your friends (Eagle, Gunnison, etc.) are doing it (passing resolutions to create energy districts), without, I might add, the boss’ (that be us) permission, doesn’t mean you need to follow along.

In fact, I would say … don’t. Here’s why.

We have enough big government, even in our small county. The feds say we have money for this? We don’t – and won’t – for some time. (Check the “Debt Clock.”)

Just as our parents and grandparents did before big government intervention was in fashion, it is simply time to stop spending. Now.

Local businesses and homeowners are hanging on to their very livelihood by their fingernails and, I might add, are probably seeing “green” like in the “lack-of.” So, all these new efforts to add on to the burden seems a bit detached from reality, no matter how good “new” “green” and “clean” might sound.

This is not just a letter of admonition to a just another bloated bureaucracy, this is part of a massive protest against more government in general. Fiscally conservative, constitutionally oriented patriots such as myself are stepping out and demanding a more representative government.

We might as well start at home.

Thanking you,

Betty Scranton

Glenwood Springs

A recent letter to the editor claimed the average family pays only 4.6 percent of their income in taxes. On what planet? Of the 53 percent who do pay taxes, it is more like 15 percent and above. That doesn’t count state or local taxes. The other 47 percent are net tax consumers. For now, that could all be about to change.

Think Value Added Tax or VAT. In other words, a national sales tax. You will not see it listed on a receipt when you buy something because it is hidden. The tax is added to each step of manufacturing or production as the product makes its way to the local outlet where you make your purchase. The only thing you will notice is everything is gonna be a lot more expensive. This tax will be added to everything from chewing gum to pickup trucks.

How much will this tax be? No one knows. In most of Europe, it is 20 percent. But whatever it is, it will break this country and its consumers. It will kill what little manufacturing we have left and it will wipe out the middle and low income folks.

The really rich will avoid it by either saving more, investing more or if nothing else, stop purchasing non-essential goods. But the middle and low income folks, who spend almost all of their income on food, clothing, rent and other necessities can’t stop buying them, so they will be slammed. Our republic and democracy are about to become history. H.L. Mencken said “there is always an easy solution to human problems, neat, plausible and wrong.”

Will a VAT become law? No one knows. The Senate passed an anti-VAT resolution on Tax Day. Americans for Tax Reform advocates an anti-VAT pledge from all members of Congress. It remains to be seen if the president will reject, once again, the voice of the American people. Remember the “no tax increase on folks making less than $250,000” campaign pledge?

As George Orwell said, “Some ideas are so stupid only an intellectual could believe them.”

Bob Anderson

Glenwood Springs

Do newspapers check their facts anymore? According to Glenwood Springs City ordinance, Title 120, Criminal Provisions 120.030.091, pipes are not to be sold within the city limits of our quaint, thriving mountain town. On page A4 of your valleywide paper (May 5), you took money to promote just that. Is everything really for sale in this day and age? Would you allow a lawyer to advertise, and promote “drinking and driving” so that lawyer could land more clients? Shame on you.

Also in Wednesday’s paper, an insert of the Glenwood High School paper, the Brimstone, featured an article by a high school student, Shae Mollica. She expressed concern of how certain shops make our town appear, especially to our tourists. To quote Ms. Mollica, “Glenwood is a year-round tourist town, and a pot shop on every corner … doesn’t seem very attractive to visitors. … Many locals argue it makes the town look trashy.” Include me in that local group. The new shop on the corner, just as our valued tourists exit I-70 and enter our town, is an eyesore. It seems neither the Post Independent, nor the young owners of the new “smoke shop,” checked their facts.

Barry King

Glenwood Springs

I find the Hidden Gems proposal disingenuous. The Wilderness Workshop’s website claims that their only intent is to protect our National Forest from mining and gas-drilling and that federal wilderness is the only designation possible.

These statements are untruthful and downright deceitful. There are plenty of nonwilderness designations that would prevent the natural beauty from being damaged by mining and gas-exploration and still leave our lands open to all forms of recreation.

Examples would be management prescriptions 1.32, 3.31, 3.32 (backcountry recreation) in the White River’s forest plan.

These are details that the Hidden Gems campaign conveniently forgets to mention in any of its literature or presentations. I would like to urge everyone to do a little more research on their own to see that there are other solutions than outright wilderness designation.

If the Hidden Gems campaign’s real intentions were to stave off development in our forests, they would be presenting this information. Unfortunately, they are serving their narrow interests by excluding the rest of Colorado through their dishonesty. I urge everyone to do a little research and not support the Hidden Gems!

Mary Fagan


We would like to thank the voters of the Carbondale Fire District for their votes of confidence in the recent board of directors election. We believe we have been given direction to continue funding employees, equipment and training that have allowed the district to provide excellent customer service and keep a rating that allows savings in your homeowner’s insurance while managing a budget that is fiscally prudent. We would also like to thank our spouses, friends and supporters who helped us through this endeavor to achieve our goal.


Mike Kennedy and Gene Schilling

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