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In response to a recent, impassioned letter to the editor and perhaps many concerned opinions in the valley, I approach this letter with the utmost respect and appreciation for this beautiful place I esteem home and the community I am grateful to be apart of. One Love represents over two dozen local Colorado glass artists that in a time of economic depression and political upheaval have cultivated inspiration, artistic growth and community during a dull period of creative despondency! How blessed we are to be a witness to this!

If we suspect one may use our products in an illegal or illicit manner, the sale would be voided, and one would be attentively dismissed outside of the store. 120.030.091 in the city ordnance actually states the prohibition of drug paraphernalia, within city limits and the definition of paraphernalia thereof: “(11) Expert testimony concerning its use; (3) The existence of any residue of controlled substances on the object.” Prior to opening, we sought and received approbation from a representative of the local authorities and multiple signs blatantly indicate on the premise, “We are not associated with medical marijuana or illicit marijuana, all of our products are for tobacco use only. Please be respectful of your tobacconist or you will be respectfully asked to leave. 18+”. Glenwood Springs city ordinance mirrors Colorado state law, thus, One Love is no more liable than similar tobacco stores in other cities in Colorado under the same paraphernalia law.

As young owners, we have established an education (CSU cum laude!), a family, and a community that has rewarded us with stability, balance, opportunity, and gratitude. We are grateful to advocate to the younger kids, my generation, their dreams! Be smart, be educated, befriend your values and you shall go far! One Love isn’t just about smoking anymore; it’s about supporting your neighbor and encouraging the human spirit. I stand by my position with due respect and hope that our purpose and intentions may shine and you might be able to see the foundation we’re trying to establish here.


Mary King Ricke

One Love


I’d like to know what planet Lissa Pabst lives on (letter to the editor, May 6). Little Miss Naïve says “We must have missed the memo that says we’re all the same and have the same rights.” Heh, heh … wrong. Did this “memo” come directly from the pope? You know the Catholic bishops have found illegal immigration a great way to increase dwindling membership. The precious rights of U.S. citizens are not bestowed on whomever some bleeding heart Mother Teresa wanna-be sees fit.

Ms. Pabst apes the standard open border insults like hatred, bigotry and intolerance (you forgot racist, sweetheart). She spews these aspersions on anyone who disagrees with her philosophy and her pathetic attempt “to make our world a tad better.”

The vast majority of Americans want our immigration laws enforced. They are tired of wasting hundreds of billions of tax dollars on education, health care, welfare and prisons for Lissa’s illegal friends.

With all the compassion in her big, soft heart, I’d expect Lissa to be sponsoring at least a half dozen illegals. No? Funny how generous she is with other people’s money. Talk is cheap, Lissa; put your own money where your mouth is or keep quiet.

Bruno Kirchenwitz


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