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Some insane border facts:

Cross the North Korea border illegally, 12 years hard labor.

Cross the Iranian border illegally, indefinite detention.

Cross the Afghan border illegally, you’re dead.

Cross the Saudi Arabia border, it’s jail time.

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Cross the Chinese border, you’re never heard from again.

Cross the Venezuelan border, you’re called a spy and they throw the key away.

Cross the Cuban border, you will rot in a political prison.

Cross the Mexican border illegally you are either imprisoned or deported.

But cross the U.S. border illegally:

You can get a job, driver’s license, social security card, welfare, food stamps, credit cards, a loan to buy a house, free health care, free education, a Washington lobbyist, you might even be able to vote, and if you do the ballot will be printed in your language.

The recent changes in laws in Arizona are an attempt to stop the flood of illegal immigrants, curtail the drug smuggling, the human smuggling and the violence that are turning southern Arizona into a war zone. Since the federal government refuses to do its duty on the border, Arizona had no choice.

Of course this is actually forcing many illegals to go back home. And that is not making Mexican officials in the state of Sonora happy. As Enrique Flores Lopez, director of the migrant advocacy department in Sonora, said recently, “We have yet to feel the full impact, but the moment immigrants leave Arizona, we are going to have problems.”

Rep. Amparano-Gamez of Nogales remarked, “Mexico is not prepared for this, for the tremendous problems it will face as more Mexicans in Arizona, who were sending money to families here, return to their home town without a job.”

That brings a tear to your eye, doesn’t it. We have 25 million American citizens out of work right now. I know a couple of them.

Bob Anderson

Glenwood Springs

Gosh, Susie, I didn’t say R.I. Rose was wrong, I said I disagreed about the colors. Personally I think the entire development is an eyesore. I liked the oak brush. But that’s progress.

You missed the slightly sarcastic point(s) that Glenwood Springs hires out endless “studies” with either goofy (my word) solutions (concrete planters in the road, speed humps) or no change at all (Grand Avenue bypass/South Bridge, etc.).

Or there is no control or involvement at all by the city (choosing colors for hotels, cost effective traffic management, proper sign placement etc.) when, maybe, there should be. Then people get awards (or not) for this stuff.

Sorry you’ve never seen the red or tan soil and rocks, green grasses and trees, or brightly colored oak leaves in the fall, that cover Red Mountain. Latex on structures can hardly do nature justice, but it’s a nice try.

As far as “ghetto slums from back East,” I’ve never been farther east than Minnesota. And I’ve never had a “sore thumb,” so I can’t say if it would stick out more than my other fingers (that’s sarcasm again).

I guess everything is relative, eh?

Brad Gates

New Castle

If you get your energy from Holy Cross Energy, you are an owner of that co-op, and you can vote to determine the future of your bills, your environment, your power and your democracy. The way to do that is to vote for Dave Munk by mail-in ballot, which you just received.

Dave is a longtime local with a young family and deep experience in energy issues. He is committed to listening to your perspective, and increasing Holy Cross’ efforts on efficiency (which save you money) and clean power, which keeps prices stable. (In the northern district, you have a choice between two great, thoughtful candidates: Mike Glass and Erik Lundquist.)

Please also vote NO on the Geographic District question – board members represent us all, so you should be able to vote for them. Don’t give up your right to vote.

Auden Schendler


As a mother with two young children, I’m writing to urge you to vote for Dave Munk and Erik Lundquist in the Holy Cross elections.

How our utility is run will be a key part of what kind of world our children will live in. Erik and Dave (who also has young children) understand that cleaner energy and energy efficiency mean not just less pollution, but more local jobs and stable prices. They are a fresh new voice who will listen to your concerns.

Also please vote “no” on the geographic district question. Protect your right to vote for all board members.

Thank you.

Ellen Freedman


I’m writing as a mother of two young children with some important information about their future, and yours.

Very soon, you’ll be getting a ballot in the mail from Holy Cross Energy asking you to vote for two members of the board.

I’m asking you to please vote for Dave Munk and Erik Lundquist. Both Dave and Erik understand that a future based on energy efficiency and clean power puts more money in our pockets, and avoids the risk of price spikes from coal and natural gas volatility. Their goal is also to reduce pollution in Colorado and help create jobs here in our region.

There will be a second question about who can vote in elections. Please protect co-op democracy and retain your right to elect board members co-opwide. Vote NO on the geographic district question.


Jenifer Seal Cramer


Now that the Holy Cross ballots have arrived, it’s great to see the spirited dialogue in the press and among valley residents. As owners of Holy Cross Energy, it’s our privilege and role to elect leaders who represent our views and to weigh in on important issues such as the proposed voting change.

I am running for the board of directors to bring a fresh perspective, proven ideas, and new energy to improve our cooperative. For 15 years I have worked with utilities around the country to design and implement community efficiency programs, and I will bring the lessons learned from successful utilities to our co-op so we model our programs and policies on the best practices available. Working with the rest of the board and Holy Cross management, we can strengthen our position as a leading cooperative utility while improving the high level of service to our members.

I have lived in the valley for 26 years and have two young children. Our children deserve no less than our best efforts to keep pace with current conditions while keeping an eye on the future they will inherit. Increasing member programs, services, and communication are essential to maintaining our position as a leading cooperative and energy provider. We don’t need to re-invent successful programs or take unnecessary risks. Solutions and options do exist today, and I will help speed their consideration and adoption by our utility.

Thank you for your interest in Holy Cross, and I hope your involvement will continue beyond the current election. I invite you to contact me directly at or visit to share your comments or learn more about my positions. I appreciate your consideration and your vote by June 4.

Dave Munk


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