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In response to the letter to the editor by John Korrie, May 7:It appears that John was the only one to have publicly made negative remarks about decisions of the Glenwood Springs Planning and Zoning Commission at the public meeting on April 27, to recommend approval of the proposed addition to Valley View Hospital. Sure, the commission just “blew through” all the rules after studying the applications and a great amount of technical data and explanations of the city rules for a month, and deliberating for more than two hours the presentations by the hospital staff, the city staff and public citizens at the meeting (citizens, but not John, who made the effort to attend the meeting to speak up or otherwise submitted letters of comments). All citizen comments submitted were in support of the hospital addition (where were you then, John?).Obviously not “blowing away” all the city rules (codes) and other committees, the Planning Commission was thoroughly and extensively informed by the city staff on whether or not, and how, to approve or disapprove of the applications as submitted (there were several of them); they even explained the rules for how not to follow the rules (isn’t that great), usually considered to be a variance from the rules, which may be allowed when found appropriate and justified for a particular situation. Variances, or “relief” from the “rules,” are necessary to be permissible because rules cannot be originally made to be perfect for all time and all conditions – times change, conditions change, needs of the community change, the future comes upon us, like it or not, therefore communities have to adjust.Perhaps the provisions of necessary public facilities such as schools, libraries and hospitals deserve some special treatment so that the community may be better served, so some might say.So after much consideration of all the facts and information made available to the commission, it did not approve of the requested variance without requiring some 16 conditions (and even more were considered) to be performed with the proposed building.So you see, John, the commission did not just “blow through” the rules in reaching its decisions; and, quite possibly, had you made the effort to offer your comments by letter or by attending the meeting (which you had the opportunity, and duty, to do) you might have influenced the commission to make a more “proper” decision.I am one to hold that citizens have the duty to criticize the conduct and actions of public bodies and officials, but only when properly informed and with alternatives, and by participating in civic programs and activities. And, I’m prone to say “show up, speak up, participate” if you want your views and values to be considered by your government officials; otherwise, it’s “show up or zip up.”Thanks, and respectfully,Mike Blairalternate memberGlenwood Springs Planning and Zoning Commission

Are you going to print a story when Tim Lombardo is declared innocent? Will you be as quick to print a letter of apology to him and his family for publicly announcing an accusation? Haven’t we just heard on the news yesterday where the police on the Front Range arrested two young men, incarcerated them for 30 days, traumatized them, only to find out that the neighbor’s girl falsely accused them? What happened to innocent until proven guilty? Can’t good journalism balance out a paper with real news and not suppositions and accusations? A reader will always remember the bad, not the good. Shouldn’t we hold a journalist to a higher standard as his reporting can make or break a person and wielding that kind of power with a pen is an awesome responsibility and I am sad to say that the Post Independent is not living up to that higher standard. Shame on you for being so irresponsible.Mogli CooperHotchkissEditor’s note: Mr. Lombardo was arrested and charged with crime. We reported those charges as they were filed with the 9th Judicial District. We will publish whatever resolution occurs with this court case.

I am writing you today because my friend Siobhan McMillan (Peewee is what everyone calls her) has cancer. We were going to have the PI do an article about her, but she has gotten so sick she did not think she could do the interview. Peewee heads to Arizona for a week-long intense treatment of radiation. The procedure is new and very scary, it shoots the radiation into your heart. Many people in the valley know Peewee, but don’t know she is sick. Peewee’s family came here in the late 1800’s and have roots very deep in the valley. The cross on Red Mountain was placed in part by her grandfather, who worked for the city electric, and a huge article was written about his adventure in doing such a job. Peewee’s mom was Miss Strawberry Day’s in the early 1950’s. Peewee’s family ran the Red Steer in West Glenwood for years until it burned down. Peewee has worked with at-risk youth for years and now works for the county and families at risk. Peewee is the kind of gal that would do anything for you and is always there to lend support. Right now Peewee needs your help. We have set up a fund at Alpine Bank under her name Siobhan “Peewee” McMillan. This treatment that can save her life has many zero’s attached to the final bill. Please find it in your heart to give ten dollars so that she can keep on fighting the fight. A fundraiser this summer will be forthcoming but the need for funding is right now. Lori Anderson ThompsonSilt

In response to Sherree Moore’s letter on May 14Sherree, your letter intrigued me. While reading, I became instantly confused. The terms, “Ninja like speed, efficiency, and ruthlessness”, only describe how the S.O.S. (Which should really stand for Same Old Silt) ripped the last remaining level-minded members of the town’s government from the only positions that would save our town. How could you not realize this? I was also not aware that the S.O.S. promise was to hurt, not help the situation at hand. You did get one thing right though. As soon as they were elected into office, they got rid of their opponents with “lightning speed…” Another thing, when you talk about the “mammoth proportions” of this community that approve of this plan, it seems to me that you have put little thought into it as well. The S.O.S. (Same Old Silt) bunch only won by five votes. Just five. Four of these votes came from each of the S.O.S. members themselves, so if you really think about it, the group of “thugs” as they call themselves actually won by a single vote. The “mammoth proportions” were trying to make sure that S.O.S. (Same Old Silt) never came back into power. One more thing. Since when has it ever been appropriate to put a “healing balm” on an open wound/laceration? If you ask me, the warm, oily nature of a “balm” would only irritate an open wound, making it impossible to heal. But I suppose that’s how the S.O.S. (Same Old Silt) brigade works. They “scared”, “beat”, “broke”, and “bruised” our town before, and this is the only way they know to fix it. By greasing up an already irritated wound. So rather than saying, “strap on your seat belts and enjoy”, you should have said, break out the neosporin and a tight wrap, it’s gonna be a long road to recovery.Clover RayneA senior at Coal Ridge High School

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