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Having personally visited over 75 percent of the Hidden Gems proposal areas, I’ve seen their pristine qualities. In all seasons, in all weather, with friends and alone, on foot, on skis, from rafts, and even from the windows of my truck as I’ve driven along their edges, I’ve loved them all.

Rarely visited by people, these places are home to hawks and eagles, elk and deer, and – as I learned at close range once – very large mountain lions. They’re also imminently endangered by drilling, logging, and unmanaged motorized and mechanized recreation. Even in the past 12 months, I’ve seen new well pads, clear cuts, and illegal trails on proposal lands.

We have precious little untrammeled land left in this state. Currently, Wilderness designation protects only 5 percent of Colorado – mostly high-elevation mountaintops. The Hidden Gems are generally lower lands closer to the populated valleys. They comprise the most vital habitats for wildlife, yet receive the most pressure by high-impact industry and motorized recreation.

The Hidden Gems proposal offers us an opportunity to preserve these places forever. With Wilderness, we enhance our quality of life, as well as responsibly steward these lands into the hands of the future.

For the past five years, I have participated with the Hidden Gems Campaign to reach out into our community on behalf of our unprotected wild lands. Thousands of supporters have taken actions in the same spirit. We’ve made extensive efforts to communicate with and hear from all concerned groups, even those ideologically opposed to any Wilderness.

This years-long process has resulted in a locally-crafted proposal, as the Wilderness Act empowers us to create. Without unnecessarily sacrificing the landscape’s intrinsic natural value, we’ve accommodated scores of groups. We’ve thereby gained substantial support: Eagle and Summit County residents favor Hidden Gems two-to-one, with even 40 percent of self-identified snowmobilers supporting the proposal.

Seven years ago this month, facing imminent death under a boulder, I took a stand for myself in a desert wilderness. Now is our moment to take a stand for our Colorado wilderness and save them, for their sake and ours.


Aron Ralston


Clean energy and energy efficiency are important for the environment, but they’re equally important for jobs. As we invest in both, we create more opportunity for Coloradans. Business as usual doesn’t do that. That’s why I’m voting for Dave Munk for the Holy Cross Board by mail-in ballot this week. Dave is a fresh new voice who gets the jobs/clean energy connection. I’m also voting no on the geographic district question. Holy Cross has run well for 70 plus years – why change how we vote now?


David Cramer

Glenwood Springs

Thank you for taking the time to vote in the Holy Cross Energy board of directors election. Until recent years, the choices for our sources of electricity were limited to coal and natural gas, and to a lesser degree hydro. Today, renewable sources such as wind, solar, and biomass are becoming a larger component of our overall power mix, empowering us to make better choices about where our electricity comes from. As the mix of power sources and the economic and environmental considerations become more complex, we need energetic and forward-thinking board members.

For those of you who may not know Dave Munk, I would like to introduce him and offer my strongest endorsement. I have known Dave and his family for more than 20 years. Dave is a sensible and responsible person who will make an excellent addition to this important board. As a business owner and 30-year resident in the Roaring Fork Valley, I look for a socially and economically responsible approach to managing our utility. I appreciate Dave’s 15-year business background working with utilities across the Western states to reduce waste and improve efficiency, which will translate into savings and a cleaner environment for Holy Cross member households and businesses.

As part of his preparation for this board position, Dave has visited with key Holy Cross customers and stakeholders throughout the service territory including the Aspen Ski Company and Vail Resorts, lodging representatives, and other local businesses. He has outlined his positions in a website at and you can reach him directly with questions or comments at

Thank you for your consideration and your vote for Dave Munk for the Holy Cross Board.


Andre Schwegler


I am angry and fed up with the state of Colorado as well as with the Feds. It is way past time to end their money grab. Are they really so dense they don’t realize we are in a recession? The state has eliminated the senior’s property tax discount, even though most seniors have no means of increasing their retirement income. Then the state went off and doubled the vehicle registration tax for all of us and intends to raise it again next year. This can not continue.

Have they forgotten why we revolted against English rule? We are still being taxed without representation, and we can still stage a revolt. With our vote. That is the one thing they have not taken away or taxed. So let’s use it to communicate a message. Writing letters to the legislature and the governor does nothing to get the message across. They just send back a sweet little form letter telling us everything is OK when it’s not. I say we fire all of them including “Hiccup-and-Looper” along with the bureaucrats they support next November and let it be known if you don’t listen we will replace you.

Ernest Delto

Glenwood Springs

Unfortunately for America Obama is agreeing with a communist country, it’s not that surprising, on their viewpoint pertaining to Arizona’s law.

I find it absolutely unbelievable, stunning actually, that the supposable president of the United States is choosing to side with the Chinese government against Arizona’s law. China’s dictator feels that Arizona’s law is insensitive to human rights and discriminatory and for years now China has had such passion for human rights. They’re straight up advocates for the situation let me tell you.

Anyone remember Mao? He was big on human rights advocatory for China. China is one of the most brutal governments there is. If China has such good human rights laws maybe Obama should ask the Tibetans what kind of social status they have in China? How can Obama agree with China on any human rights issues? That should be an insult to every single American citizen. Nevertheless Obama nods along like some bobble head puppet while another country mocks America and her laws.

People come on, we need to take Obama seriously here. He runs around the world apologizing and telling other countries America is arrogant. (Someone please get him a mirror.) He has used taxpayer money to campaign for other democrats, I didn’t see him booking his own flight or filling the tank up on Air Force One to go to those campaigns. He has given Greece billions when we the people right here in America need help. And let’s not leave out national security; there have only been a few minute terrorist attacks in the last 2 years, Christmas day, Times Square car bomb, Fort hood shooting. America’s own president is alongside another country’s leader bashing a state (Arizona) in his own country. This is absolute insanity, nothing short of psychotic.

Obama should be siding with his own country on domestic policies; he shouldn’t be undermining any states laws. But for some unknown reason Obama has returned to the American bashing band wagon. He is completely willing to jump right on head first. Doesn’t that worry people?

Jolene Varley


As the old, retired general manager of Holy Cross Electric, who began his 43-year career at this electric cooperative way back in 1950, I feel compelled to make some comments regarding the recent onslaught of letters to the editor trying to remove two of the current directors from the board in the upcoming election in an effort to further their “green” agenda.

Holy Cross is already way ahead of the curve in their well-thought-out plan to integrate renewables into a sensible mix of solar, wind, gas and coal. From the very beginning, the mission statement at Holy Cross has always been to provide “the best possible electric service at the lowest practical cost.” Reliability and cost have always been the driving force that made Holy Cross the success story of its time.

In the fragile economy that we are going to face for years to come, it is imperative that we do not imperil the quality of life that we have come to experience because of the availability of reliable and affordable electricity. Remember the adage “If the wind doesn’t blow and the sun doesn’t shine we could freeze in the dark.”

Holy Cross is governed by a group of seven dedicated directors who oversee an operation headed by an outstanding CEO in Del Worley, together with an experienced long-time administrative staff and about 165 employees who work together every day to assure more than 54,000 metered consumers that when they flip that switch they may enjoy the quality of life that we have all become accustomed to.

In conclusion I ask you, please vote for the incumbents, Bob Starodoj and Michael Glass, in the upcoming election to assure a sensible development of a realistic and achievable plan for our future energy supply.

Ed Grange

Glenwood Springs

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