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Everyone knows the economy is not doing well now, but all sectors are not affected equally. The technology sector has survived the recession better than most, which is why we have focused our Digital Media Club on helping people interested in Web design to network and find client leads from one another.

Starting this month Web design students from Colorado Mountain College will be meeting monthly to share questions, ideas and job leads. The sessions have been amazingly productive. Not only have students succeeded in continuing their education and learning from one another, but many have also found lucrative client referrals.

The club isn’t just for students, though. We invite anyone to attend our free meetings and share their ideas. The Digital Media Club is a great place for business owners, job seekers, or anyone responsible for a website in a business or organization. At our next meeting we will present “Hands On FaceBook For Business”, a how-to session on how to create, setup and maintain FaceBook sites for businesses and non-profit organizations. The meeting will take place at the CMC Aspen campus located at 0255 Sage Road in the Airport Business Center on Wednesday, May 26 from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. (Monthly meetings alternate between Aspen and downvalley CMC locations.)

Anybody who would like more information is welcome to call me at 930-1262 or email me at Please also check out our website,


Roy Brandt

Digital media instructor

Colorado Mountain College

So now Mexico’s president is lecturing our Congress on immigration reform. How many times are we going to hear this word “reform”? Reform what? A bunch of laws that are already on the books and are not currently enforced? How many of you actually know that already in Virginia, yes Virginia, there are particular counties that have had this same exact Arizona law already passed and implemented? It was on the news recently. They pull over a car for an infraction, the officers then check for ID either in the form of a Virginia state issued ID or a valid green card. One or the other. You don’t have one and are over the age of 18, you go to jail or to ICE. Now please tell me why, Virginia is not being boycotted, booed harassed and being scolded by all these other sanctuary states that are currently calling for a boycott of Arizona? Why?

Hell I am boycotting Arizona, too … not because they just signed the best immigration “reform” into policy, but because they are ranked number 1 in the nation for kidnapping, drug-related shootings and drug-related murders. I am however sending the Governor of Arizona a nice campaign donation as a way of saying thank you.

Thank you to the esteemed Governor of Arizona, for having what it takes, to take on all the winers, haters and social sucking illegals. And to all you sorry, crooked politicians who continually turn a blind eye to this problem, you may want to start looking for a new job now. I have a feeling after November, many of you will be filling out your unemployment packets.

It’s a beautiful thing to see, this “change” we were all told so much about.

It’s changing all right.

Arizona gets an “A+” in my books for it’s new change.

Keep that change a coming!

Jason Birmingham

New Castle

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