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In this season of gift giving, consider a gift to CARE (Colorado Animal Rescue). They really need our help.We don’t hear much about CARE other than at budget time, because those good people are busy doing the job that no other agency does countywide: animal rescue and adoption. When you have an agency that provides a much-needed service, is good at what it does, and is successful at it, you don’t go looking elsewhere to branch out. You support the agency that has proven itself over and over again – and that’s CARE.As everyone knows, the booming gas well drilling industry has brought a population explosion to this county, and with it a pet overpopulation explosion. We are already at a crisis level with too many pets and not enough homes. That’s not CARE’s fault. On the contrary, it’s all the more reason the county needs to fund CARE at the level they have requested.For now, CARE needs our help.Go to the Garfield County Commissioners webpage and e-mail the commissioners. Voice your support of the work CARE is doing, and the need to fully fund that work.Send a tax deductible donation to: CARE, 2801 County Road 114, Glenwood Springs, CO 81601.Consider adopting a pet this holiday season. There’s always room for one more.Pet overpopulation is a problem that we can all do something about. There’s always a solution, if we all CARE enough.Peggy TibbettsSilt

The proposed ban on pit bulls in Parachute is an outrage! How can you determine the disposition of one animal by its breed? I admit, pit bulls can be dangerous, but so can any other animal when put in the right situation. What needs to happen is an investigation of the owners that have “vicious” animals. I can almost guarantee that the animal has either been abused or was not socialized. The owners of the problem dogs need to pay the price, not the dog. The dog did not ask to be born the breed that it was, nor did it ask for the stigma that comes along with the breed.I was raised around Rottweilers and pit bulls: never have I been bitten. I have been more scared of a Pomeranian or chow than a pit bull. Every animal is entitled to life regardless of breed, size or capability.The proposed ban in Parachute is not only an outrage, its a sad show of pure ignorance.Maria OrtizCarbondale

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