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“The rich get richer, and the poor get poorer” inevitably, this happens when the people who have the power (money) make the rules. The state, in their infinite “wisdom”, decided that they would raise the cost of vehicle registration for the masses to bring more dollars into the government’s coffers, at the expense of the people, a good percentage of whom are barely making enough money to feed and clothe themselves as it is. Evidently they didn’t get enough money from penalizing people who were late in registering their vehicles, whether or not said vehicles were even on the road. Before that, if a person had paid the registration fees, but let the insurance lapse because they weren’t driving said vehicle for whatever reason, the state cancelled the registration. How is that right, when the registration had already been paid for the year? It would be different if an uninsured vehicle was driven on public roads, then a citation and fine would be in order. Seems like double jeopardy to me, which is supposed to be illegal in this country. But, the people who have the power make the rules, and the rest of us don’t have much choice but to go along with it or risk the consequences.

Which brings me to my next point: our fearless leader “General” Vallario and the way he spends taxpayer dollars on armored vehicles and such, while other things that would seem to me to be more in the interest of “the people”, are put on the back burner. For example, on the GarCo Sheriff’s website, click on the “wanted” tab, or the “current inmates” tab, or several other tabs that are supposed to be public record, and you get a “this page is under construction” disclaimer.

The “sheriff’s office activity log” which is public record, and supposed to “enable citizens to know what’s going on in their community” is consistently a week or ten days behind. Why is that? I guess it has to be important to him, not the people he “serves”.

Phil Amonette


Dear Mr. Kirchenwitz,

Firstly, I’d like to thank you for your letter to the editor dated May 16, 2010. I respect your opinion, though I do have a few points I would like to bring to your attention.

1. You, sir, do not know me so please don’t write as though you do. I am not naïve and you don’t have any business calling me sweetheart.

2. When did religion become part of my letter that you were responding to?

3. I have never once said that I think illegal immigration is correct. My point has been and always will be that we all need to be a bit more respectful towards others.

4. If someone is sponsored then they are not illegal as you stated.

5. I have no reason to be quite as you so politely asked me to be. Firstly, we are in America and we do have the right to speak our minds. Secondly, I do stand behind what I say. I am in fact adopting two beautiful little girls from Ethiopia and therefore I do actually have an idea of how horrid and how wonderful our world can be.

Mr. Kirchenwitz I would like to leave you with one last thought. Always remember what assuming makes out of you and me. However, for the sake of this discussion I’ll leave it with what assuming makes you.

Hope you have a wonderful day.

Lissa Pabst

Old Snowmass

Regarding Jason Birmingham of New Castle and his May 23 letter, “Thank you to the esteemed governor of Arizona,” stating “facts” about crime rates in Arizona, I can’t seem to find any statistics to match his. Are the crime rates of illegals really higher than that of the legal populace? Is crime as bad as he claims? Perhaps he could enlighten us on his sources of information.

Tamie Meck


George Will’s May 16 column might be the last delivery to my patio at the Rifle Retirement Center. I hope you have two separate outlets at the center so tenants will not need to drive downtown to get their newspaper. I note that the 201 Ute Ave. outlet is empty fairly early in the morning. I value the opinion balance of PI’s Voices.

George Will’s May 16 column, “Europe’s lack of discipline,” is particularly good, and his last paragraph is particularly true, timely and alarming to anyone who is aware of socialism’s threat to civilization. The paragraph is as follows: “The U in EU – the unifying thread – is indiscipline. Increasingly, it also is the unifying characteristic of the USA.”


Dooley P. Wheeler Jr.


John Palmer’s letter on May 21 where he tries to show the magnitude of a billion is interesting. I think he may have missed something though. A billion is merely a numeral which we use to quantify something we value, rate, or count.

Numerals are constant, with a set value or increment between them. This way it makes sense to us, and that’s why we created numerals as a system of measurement. Time is a constant, moving at a constant rate or speed, which we use numbers to quantify. Money is not constant, it’s value varies greatly depending on economic factors, we also use numerals to quantify money even though it is variable. The only thing money and time have in common is that we use numerals to quantify both.

To say that a billion hours or days, is somehow comparable to a billion dollars, is a distortion of a numerical value in an attempt to compare unrelated items. If they are related, I ask what is greater, one dollar, or one day?

If money and time were related, wouldn’t we all get paid the same per hour, year, day, whatever? Wouldn’t all currency be equal? Would we all have money, because we all have time? Would days be shorter in Europe right now? Is it true Greece is out of time?

Isn’t saying a billion seconds are comparable to a billion dollars, like saying the number of breaths a person takes in a given period of time, is somehow related to the number of times they pass gas in the same time period, because they are both air. Or are these two things independent and irrelevant for comparison. Maybe it’s all only hot air. I can’t remember what those teachers told me, was it, easily amused, or easily confused. Because I wonder if the world would be a better place if variables were constant, and constants were variable. I think I’d have more time. How much do I need today, to pay my way tomorrow?

Brad Gates

New Castle

Aron Ralston deserves no praise, idolization, or celebration for the events that left him with one arm. In fact he should be condemned for his poor decisions, breaking the two biggest unwritten backcountry laws. Number one never hike by yourself. Number two tell someone where you are going. I truly believe that the majority of people in this fight or flight situation would have done the same thing, Only sooner.

I urge everyone to boycott his movie and look for the real heroes in life like maybe our troops or the people, like the Basalt Fire Department, who keep us safe, that actually deserve celebrity status.

Joseph Hultquist


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