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Obama states publicly that he won’t pass laws to further gun control. What he won’t admit is that he doesn’t have to. His Sec. of State, Hillary Clinton has taken steps to sign the UN small arms treaty – just last week. In a few days, Americans will be well on their way to losing all gun rights.

This pro one world government administration is rushing the US and all citizens into submission to the anti-gun laws of all countries who are members of the UN. This includes China and other countries which are violent toward their citizens! Remember that.

Our Second Amendment gives us the right to defend ourselves – even against an oppressive US government. This administration will have no trouble oppressing us if we have no guns or gun rights – and they will get them.

We will find ourselves subjects in a Socialist/Marxist government well before 2012, so they are not worried about your vote that year. You won’t have one. Mexican drug lords will have a field day in this country then – won’t they?

Mexico does not allow its citizens to have guns so they can’t defend themselves. Truly when guns are outlawed in this country, only outlaws will have them. The role of the Federal government is to protect us citizens. They have been doing a lousy job of that. This is treason – impeach “the one”.

Furthermore, Obama has a plan to connect the EPA with all types of churches. Separation of church and state was designed to protect religion from government. This plan looks innocent on the surface – “faith based initiative” to assist churches in going green. Government money means government control, and churches will be told what they can and cannot preach/teach. See danger ahead!

Juanita R. Williams


I just wanted to thank David Mead for his attempt to educate me about what is happening in Arizona and along the southern border. I agree that the hiring of illegals in this country is a problem. In fact, Arizona passed another law in January that targets those businesses who hire illegals.

But the fact remains, that securing our borders is a law enforcement issue. It is a national security issue. But since Washington will not enforce current law, Arizona did what it had to do to protect its citizens.

Here are a few reasons why; Information from an ICE facility in Arizona in April lists detainees at the facility from Afghanistan, Armenia, Bosnia, Egypt, Ghana, Iraq, Iran, Jordan, Kenya, Morocco, Pakistan, Sudan, Uzbekistan, Yemen, Botswana, Turkey and many other countries. Many of these are known as “special interest countries.”

Know what that means David? Many of these are sponsors of terror. Homeland Security’s 2008 Yearbook lists 791,568 deportable aliens detained in this country. 5506 were from some of those “special countries.” Among them, 3896 Cubans, 46 from Sudan, 71 from Syria, 98 from Iran and 66 from Somalia.

And it is not just Arizona that has a problem. Texas reported that they had a 41 percent increase in arrests of “special interest aliens” along their border after Sept. 11 from many of those same countries. The Society for Risk Analysis study, “Analyzing the Homeland Security of the U.S.-Mexico Border” projects the probability of a terrorist crossing the US border at 97.3 percent. Hamas, Hezbollah and Islamiya Al Gamat are all active in Latin America. And they use Mexico as a refuge. Just last week, KHOU-TV in Houston reported Homeland Security believes a Somali terrorist may be traveling into the US from Mexico.

So David, although I agree that we have always welcomed those wishing to make a new life here, it is imperative that they come here legally through a secure border. If not, and we suffer another terrorist attack, this may not remain the land of opportunity much longer.

Bob Anderson

Glenwood Springs

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