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Don’t forget that Holy Cross ballot that you may have set aside, and please cast your vote for Mike Glass.

We have known Mike both personally and professionally for many years and are convinced that he is the best candidate for the board of directors.

In his previous three-year term he’s been dedicated to keeping Holy Cross moving in a progressive yet balanced manner, understanding both the importance of renewable energy, as well as the larger issues of running a reliable and efficient utility co-op that we all count on every day.

As an active member within the community and a president at Alpine Bank, Mike understands the perspective of locals and their businesses and brings a tremendous amount of financial knowledge to the board.

As a Colorado native, father and longtime local, he also values the quality of life we all enjoy here and recognizes the long-term thinking and planning required to maintain it.

He is a smart, detailed and dedicated individual that brings a lot of knowledge and balance to the board of Holy Cross.

In an election where so few people bother to vote, your ballot could actually be the deciding one, and we urge you to vote for Mike Glass.

David and Katie Campbell


It has come as somewhat of a surprise to read the many recent letters to the editor regarding the upcoming election for directors of Holy Cross Electric.

Typically, an election of directors for an electric co-op does not draw much interest. Not surprising is that the focus is almost completely on renewable energy.

But in doing so, many authors inaccurately infer that Holy Cross is behind in addressing the need to provide energy in the cleanest, most efficient form. Holy Cross has, for some time now, incorporated alternative energy sources (wind, solar, etc.) into their plans.

While clean energy is the future in the minds of thinking people, it also holds a solid place on the Holy Cross agenda. Holy Cross Electric Association has provided vital service for more than 71 years. In meeting their core mission responsibility, Holy Cross has secured and distributed electric power from a variety of producers with incredible reliability.

But let’s look at the real question here – leadership of a utility company, critical infrastructure. The leaders of this organization operate a company with annual revenues of more than $100 million dollars. While the challenger, Mr. Munk, appears to have a passion for the use of renewable energy (which of course is laudable), he has no experience what-so-ever in running a company of the magnitude and complexity of Holy Cross Electric Association.

It is clearly in the best interest of the public to have this organization run by professionals experienced in the business of large-scale electric power distribution. Bob Starodoj is a proven performer and should be re-elected. In fact, we should all thank him for his 25 years of dedicated service as a director of Holy Cross Electric Association. Passing a directorship on to an inexperienced, untested individual invites unnecessary risk to an otherwise solid, very well-run organization.

David Harris

Glenwood Springs

It’s great to see all the coverage and attention that has come with the Holy Cross director election. Members should be interested and involved – and not only during elections.

Your vote counts. The last election was decided by a mere 30 votes. Please consider your options and please be sure to vote carefully to meet all voting requirements: ballot sleeve, mailer envelope with member name printed and signed, plus a stamp. If you need a replacement ballot or envelope, please call Holy Cross at 945-5491, as there is still time to receive a new one and mail your vote to arrive by June 4.

I encourage you to study the Holy Cross newsletter to review all candidate profiles, or find them online at Candidate questionnaire replies are posted at My positions and specific ideas are also posted at

While the public dialogue has gravitated toward the topic of green power, I believe that this is an area where Holy Cross is doing well and is actively pursuing reasonable opportunities, particularly with local renewable generation. These efforts should continue and expand as financially sensible opportunities become available. My priorities include expanding and improving energy efficiency programs using best practices from successful utilities around the country, increasing member services and options, and more member communication. These have always been my platform, and these are areas where we can build on Holy Cross Energy’s outstanding foundation of service reliability and low energy costs.

Whatever the outcome of this election, I want to thank you for your interest and for taking the time to make an informed vote. Our co-op is stronger for your involvement.

Dave Munk


David Miller’s letter of May 27 in response to Teal Plattner’s letter, completely missed the point. Teal questioned why she and her mother were not informed about the lack of state accreditation at the time of Teal’s registration and graduation from The Garden School/Crossroads Academy. Teal did not question her education at all.

It appears to me that Mr. Miller gave us a lot of statistics to lead us away from the issue – that Teal, Claudia and Paul were not informed of the academy’s stand on state accreditation. Considering I was the person that recommended the Plattners look into the Garden School those 10 years ago, I also feel “let down” by the school administration. Even though my father was a public school administrator in this valley for more than 30 years, I know that public education is not for everyone. Public education in this valley has served me and my seven children very well, but it was not for Teal.

But truly, Mr. Miller, Teal, Claudia and Paul deserved to know your accreditation policy before you accepted their first check. They most certainly did not know that policy, and I remember reading the material you gave them at that time. It seems to me that this would be included in your course material and in the contract. Whether one believes in the state accreditation system or not is just not the issue: Full disclosure is the issue.

Mary Moore


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