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We have the biggest environmental disaster in the history of our planet and the President goes to a $35,000 a couple fundraiser for Sen. Boxer. There are people living on the Gulf that make less than that in one year who are going to lose everything they have and people that can blow $35,000 in one night are more important. That is change we can believe in.

Joseph Ceremuga

New Castle

If Ross Talbott considers profiling a good thing, maybe it’s time we apply it to columnists, thus his whole column could be condensed to “Ignorant White Trash Curmudgeon, consistently putting his head where the Sun doesn’t shine and calling it wisdom. But I know Ross is more than this and this is to the point.

Ross confuses profiling with assessment. He refuses to comprehend how the practice is applied. Profiling is reducing everything to an oversimplified common denominator to move some problem from somebody’s inbox to the outbox without taking any real responsibility for their own relation to the problem. Incidentally, this is all bureaucracy really amounts to. The problem remains the same. So really it’s not what teachers should be doing, and possibly is why business is currently overrun by greed-driven bean counters rather than human beings concerned about how their product benefits their communities and therefore the world.

In my travels I ran into a man who, when young, was a member of the Black Panthers profiling “The Man” at the university he had eventually became a professor of political science at. Had he not himself been profiling, chances are he’d never set foot on a college campus, nor been given opportunity to assess the true situation and work hard to become a student of nuances of prejudgment and policy, rather than settle for the easy out the state of Arizona is taking. Taking responsibility rather than blame the abstraction. So profiling does possess limited merit.

If Arizona really wanted to address illegal aliens they’d be profiling the businesses addicted to cheap labor – Oh, I forget that’s 90 percent of all business in America). Really, what this state is doing is continuing to try to pass the problem along to somebody else’s inbox. It’s nothing new. They’ve been doing it for about 25 years. People have been migrating to where the jobs are since the “Fall from Paradise.” If this weren’t so, those folks profiled as “savages” would still own the gold fields of North America and even Hispanic peoples would still be European.

Eric Olander

New Castle

Just some food for thought. The Arizona law has gotten a lot of controversial outbursts from a lot of people that think this is called racial profiling, including our President. Just stop and think, because you don’t always stop and think about how many times you have to show your ID in this country and you don’t question it? I have never considered it racial profiling.

If I have to show my ID to get a check cashed at a grocery store, if I am pulled over by a policeman or when I go to the doctor’s office. I have to write down my DL if I want a credit card. How many times are you asked to show your DL?

If you actually stopped and thought about it, I bet it’s quite a few times and you never think of it as racial profiling. Why does the President and anyone else in this country throwing such a fit, if anybody is asked for their ID. I have to show my ID and I just do it. I have never considered it bothersome – its not because I have done something wrong either. It’s just the way the law is in this country.

If you have one then it’s not a problem, if you don’t then it’s your problem, not mine.

Jane Spaulding


This valley is so full of talent that it’s easy to overlook opportunities that are right in front of us. Jan Garrett and JD Martin are longtime local singer songwriters with an impressive list of professional accolades and awards. They will be offering a series of singing and creative songwriting classes here this summer.

If you want to learn how to sing, songwrite, harmonize, or make music a bigger part of your life, Jan and JD are extraordinary teachers. For the past few years, I have been a student of theirs, studying vocals and guitar, and have grown tremendously. Unless you give it a try, you have no idea what you are capable of. I encourage you to contact these people and discover more about yourself; you will not regret it. You can be a rank beginner or a closet pro; it doesn’t matter. Music makes a difference.

I could list Jan and JD’s credentials, the number of hits or CDs they have, and who they toured or recorded with, however, the important fact is that you won’t find very many people who are more passionate about what they do then these artists, even in this mountain community that is rich with such talent.

Jan and JD are offering free intro to the songwriting classes at 7 p.m. on Friday, June 4. Details are found at: or by calling 927-1848.

And don’t forget, if it isn’t fun, it isn’t worth doing!

Kerek Swanson

El Jebel

Proof for an “exercise in futility” often requires making the effort to actually experience it.

Recently I wrote to my 3rd Congressional District Representative as a “concerned constituent,” merely asking “why” he voted for health care reform. Substance for my inquiry was as follows:

• a valid question since the bill barely passed 219-212 with 33 Democrats voting against it!

• a justifiable concern because 70 percent of his constituents oppose the measure!

• an honorable intent with my concern that he would support applicable law in Colorado!

Certainly, there’s reason to question my mental state, since my inquiry presented a challenge beyond the “realm of political reality!” But, since most politicians do not “reply,” they simply “respond,” I wasn’t disappointed. I got what I expected – proof of an exercise in futility!

The “response” was a “fine print” three page press release dated back on March 21, the very day the bill passed. A hand written note confirmed “This is in response to your letter dated 5/24/10.”

We old people have trouble reading fine print and we really get skeptical when furnished with too much information. Avoiding all the drivel, I proceeded to the “bottom line” knowing that there would be a strong close, which I quote: “The legislation will reduce the deficit by over $100 billion over the next ten years and by about $1 trillion over the second decade.” Now, it’s my turn to “reply.” If we can’t trust our 3rd District Congressman, whom can we trust?

Seriously, I’ll tell you who! Bob McConnell is the Republican candidate who will defeat John T. Salazar in November and provide us with the strong leadership and honest representation that we deserve!

Congressman-to-be Bob McConnell is “going to send Salazar packing!” Then we will have a representative we can trust! Ask him a question and you get an honest reply … not a response!!

God Bless America!

Richard Doran


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