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The following is an excerpt from a poem titled “War’s Raw,” dated March 20, 2003, which I wrote just after the war was declared in Iraq. I am using this excerpt as a plea to elect Hillary Rodham Clinton to the office of president of the United States of America. I am aware of her previous voting record as regards to the war issue. I believe, however, that she now realizes that it is wrong to “stay the course.” While I am not a feminist per se, the time for a woman president is now.

“… War’s raw/can’t iron out the irony/war for peace …; war is nature/versus nurture; America must iron out the irony of the iron-fisted nature of the iron-willed men who rule this land/and other nations of the world; America needs a time out; The world needs a time out of this time out of time; perhaps mothers to nurture/the nations/ of the world …”

War is wrong.

Whatever your beliefs, please vote.

Timothy G. Riley

Glenwood Springs

Mr. Wright’s March 2 letter begged the question of Al Gore’s credibility and motivation with his global warming hoax. He stacked the cards in an attempt to draw attention from my point.

1. Mr. Wright intimated it would be George Bush rather than Al Gore who would suspend elections.

Our election process works, but resembles “American Idol.” No one is more worried about losing rights than I. In the seven-plus years of Bush’s term, I haven’t lost the rights guaranteed me by the Constitution. Were Bush to suspend elections, wouldn’t he have started by now?

2. 1945-65 was an unprecedented period of prosperity for the U.S., and was aided by abundant cheap energy. Cheap energy will allow developing nations to join the 21st century. Without it, they’ll continue to use slash-and-burn agriculture, and be dominated by thugs stealing the aid sent to them. How is Al Gore helping by spending $30K/year for energy for his 10,000-square-foot house?

3. Specifically addressing global warming: Michael Mann’s “Hockey Stick” curve was based on flawed and manipulated data; Al Gore’s poor polar bears were doctored photos; heat creates CO2, CO2 doesn’t create heat; and we just had the coldest year in modern history. For more than 12 months, the temperature worldwide dropped an average of one degree.

4. George Bush’s “fear mongering:” On 09/11/01, our country was attacked by Islamic terrorists. More than 3,000 American citizens lost their lives in that attack. The goal of the Islamo-Fascist movement is to convert us or kill us. Isn’t that cause for concern?

5. Suggesting I move to Gary, Ind., if I have so little care for our environment: I know Gary, Ind., having moved here from Chicago 20 years ago. Gary was founded by U.S. Steel in 1906. People living there worked in the steel industry, and knew it had less than ideal air. If they didn’t like the air, they could have moved elsewhere.

How does my claim that Al Gore is peddling snake oil imply I don’t care about the environment?

Neal Pollack


In reference to Norm Shroll’s letter in the Glenwood Springs Post Independent on March 20: If Ronald Reagan was “Satan’s stoolie,” per Eric Olander, the current Bush is Satan himself, or perhaps better, “Cheney’s stoolie.” No need to list the reasons, they have been adequately mentioned in previous letters to the editor.

But the mind reels! Why didn’t we load-up on Halliburton stock five years ago, Wednesday, March 19 (U.S. invasion of Iraq)?

Dale Reed

Glenwood Springs

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