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I have had the privilege of knowing Don Van Devander for most of my life. And it is with great conviction that I support him in his bid for Carbondale town trustee. As someone who was raised in the Roaring Fork Valley, graduated high school in Glenwood Springs, and now raises a family in Carbondale, Don has been a witness to the many changes of the valley for the better part of the past 30 years. He has witnessed both growth and contraction and has seen how they have impacted Carbondale and thus understands the needs of the community moving forward. He is a man of honesty, integrity, intelligence and foresight. He has always possessed the ability to build relationships, bridge differences and get things done. Don is a tireless worker with high standards and possesses a strong belief in civic duty. He is an ethical businessman, a loving father, a great friend and will make a tremendous town trustee.

I hope you will support Don Van Devander for Carbondale town trustee.

Jeff Bolitho

San Diego

This letter is in regards to the recall of Mayor Dave Moore. I have known Dave for more than 30 years, and consider him a longtime friend and a Christian brother. One cannot be a Christian without admitting mistakes, bad choices, wrongdoing at some level.

But has Dave had “flagrant disregard for state statutes and laws” as he is being accused? I think not. Has he committed some minor infractions of some rules and policies? Yes, as he has already stated several times. No one does his or her job perfectly. Everyone fails in some way, as we are all human and are all in the process of learning how to improve in our work and in life. Do his mistakes warrant a recall? I think not. Has his attitude and demeanor been what it could have been at all times? No. Does that warrant a recall? I think not.

I have tremendous respect for Dave because of the challenges he has had to face in his life, choosing to allow those challenges to make him a better and not bitter person. He continues to be a caring, contributing citizen with a passion for improving the town of Silt.

I was also very impressed with his historic achievement of bringing mayors together from Aspen to Parachute for the first time ever in 2006 to discuss the future of our mountain valleys. His vision for Silt continues to be one of openness, honesty and accountability which every politician needs to uphold to be a successful leader.

Vote no on the recall ” it is a vote for the future of Silt.

Susan Gorman

Glenwood Springs

In this election year, we’re hearing the candidates talk a lot about the economy, job creation and keeping jobs in the U.S. While they’re talking, here’s one example of what the government has been doing.

The U.S. is currently involved in a trade dispute before the World Trade Organization with the European plane manufacturer Airbus. The U.S. is claiming that Airbus engages in unfair trade practices. I’m sure it has cost taxpayers millions of dollars. Then the U.S. turns right around and awards Airbus a tanker deal for the Air Force potentially worth up to $40 billion dollars. Meanwhile Boeing, a U.S. manufacturer, whose bid was substantially the same as Airbus’, is out in the cold, as are the thousands of Boeing employees who get to sit back and watch European employees build planes they helped pay for with their (and our) tax dollars.

That’s where some of the jobs and a lot of our taxes have gone. If this makes as little sense to you as it does to me, please contact the members of Colorado’s Congressional Delegation and protest the award.

Dave Rippy

Glenwood Springs

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