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Obama is no fool. He is purposely overwhelming the U.S. economy to create a systematic failure, an economic crisis (never let a crisis go to waste) and social chaos destroying capitalism and our country from within (without even firing a shot).

He is overwhelming the system with government spending and entitlement demands, universal health care, cap and trade, legalizing 12 million illegals (2,000 American are killed each year by illegal aliens and in addition, what about those Americans that are assaulted or raped?), stimulus programs and bailouts, attempting to make Puerto Rico a state (for more votes), and raising taxes on successful small businesses, high income earners and job creators (realistically unemployment is now around 17.5 percent).

It’s nothing more than a Marxist scheme to turn our country into Marxist/socialist state where the majority of our people would be reduced to beggar status desperately needing the government for survival … destroying the land of opportunity, and the American dream … is that what you want? Stop thinking of yourself and think of your kids and grandkids. Is that how you want them to grow up?

Stan Rachesky

Glenwood Springs

Another trajedy struck early Saturday morning on I-70 on July 3. By now, I’m sure most of the state has heard or read about the two-car accident between Glenwood and New Castle, which, as I’ve read, killed the driver of the cause of the accident and injured the driver and passenger of the victim’s car.

No one, of course, will really know the reason the man in the brown sports car was driving recklesslly, as reported in the news, or how fast he was driving, etc., except for him, but he can’t say now.

This writer hopes that all drivers out there will let this horrific event sink in – and I mean truly sink in – and that all drivers finally understand why it is so very important to drive safely. Drive the posted speed limit, that’s what it is there for. Not to punish high-speeders or their fast vehicles, but to protect everyone.

I always drive the speed limit; truly, I do. I put my car up to the speed limit and engage the auto cruise. This keeps my car at the correct speed all the time until I choose to slow down or speed up, whichever the necessary case may be, but whether the speed limit is 65 or 75, people zoom past me like I’m standing still. In any case, I guess the driver of the brown sports car really was in a hurry to get the grave because he got there all right and nearly took two other people with him.

Be careful out there. Not only for your sake, but for your families, your friends, your pets, and strangers too. Slow down. You can’t be that much of a hurry. I thank my car every day I arrive home safely. I thank my car for getting me to and from our destination safely and everywhere we went that particular day.

Thanks for listening.

Cassy Porter

New Castle

I nominate the portable toilet at Two Rivers Park Boat Ramp for the nose pinching, stinky portable toilet award. The sheer volume of boaters and park goers have all contributed to make this lone portable lavatory a stand alone leader in downwind pungency. Last summer the horseshoe pits were only partially unusable from the olfactory assault of the stinky port-a-let. This summer it seems we are on track for a blast radius that envelopes not only the horseshoe pits, but the picnic area and the entire boat ramp itself. A true world-class nasty outhouse at the Two Rivers boat ramp area.

Doug Kyser

New Castle

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