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As a former government employee (University of Illinois for 15 years) who wised up and became self employed in the private sector since 1978, I can say government employees working the same position for an extended period of time learn how to “milk the system”. This is especially true in regard to our politicians. That’s why it’s important to “change” them out. Their motivational level drops rapidly over the years and their ability to survive the system increases exponentially. “Dead Wood” is a term used for this type of employee that has been in a position for a long period of time. That’s why it’s important to vote out the “dead wood” and vote in “new blood” to bring in new energy and new ideas.

Words like “experience”, “understanding”, “competency”, “integrity”, “knowledgeable”, and “hardworking” are all just words and nothing more. Be especially alert when a fellow government employee “endorses” another government employee. Consider the source of the comments. Voting for the best candidate to represent “you” as one that has proved himself in the private sector. Why do you think term limits especially for career politicians, officials and judges are a good idea? It’s time for you, the voter, to do the right thing. Vote out the incumbents like Senator Michael Bennet, and Rep. John Salazar this November. Just do us all a favor, vote intelligently based on your values. Get yourself informed and think of your family and its safety and the pursuit of happiness.

Stan Rachesky

Glenwood Springs

In these beautiful, high Colorado summer days there are many visitors to our area. So many remark on the lovely qualities of a smaller mountain-town lifestyle.

In particular, today’s GSPI articles reflect the benefits of a living in a small community. First, Willa Kane’s Frontier Diary detailed the tale of turn of the century Glenwood residents seeking the “cure”. Willa’s story was written in a clear, concise and interesting manner (with an unspoken cautionary tale involved). She always does a terrific job! I look forward to her monthly column – it never fails to delight.

Secondly, there was the space given to a Cooper Avenue shopkeeper: Steve Swanson. Steve, on the Voices page, shared information about the locally owned businesses and their impact on our economy. He offered the suggestion as to how to directly help the resources of our own city (spend $50 in each of 3 local businesses). Often folks just “go” on shopping trips to Grand Junction or Denver. Citizens may not realize how many of our City services and amenities are provided for by city sales tax collections. If Glenwood residents love their parks, their community center, street sweeping, multiple bike trails, free buses, (and if they count on police services!) … many of those items are paid for in part or in whole by sales taxes collected in Glenwood. If residents spend school shopping money or restaurant/dining budgets out-of-town, our sales tax base is adversely impacted, and the city amenities will be cut back. Steve also made the excellent point that the backbone of charities in need is frequently the local business owner.

A large selection of locally owned shops, restaurants and services make Glenwood vibrant. They will be in business only if they are supported by their neighbors. “Locals” are the backbone of neighborhood commerce.

So – to the GSPI – it’s nice to have the local coverage … good job, and thanks.


Chris McGovern

Glenwood Springs

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