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I would like to make a few comments regarding the controversy over the alleged plagiarism charges that have been leveled against Scott McInnis.

First, two people know the truth concerning these charges; they are Scott McInnis and Rollie Fischer. I know both men and respect each a great deal. With that being said, I find it reprehensible that some letters have passed judgment on Scott without having all the facts. That is what I would consider a “scum bag” thing to do. It is obvious that the letter writer that referred to Scott in this way is a Democrat and saw a chance to sling mud. What a big surprise that is.

The second and even more important item I would like to discuss is the reporting and the commentary by so-called journalists. The Denver Post decides to run a story about possible plagiarism by a gubernatorial candidate but during the 2008 presidential campaign, they ignored the ties Obama had with known terrorist Bill Ayers. They ignored the outrageous lack of judgment that Obama showed with his long association with the Rev. Wright. They ignored that Obama has refused to release his college transcripts, despite the fact that his academic career led him to Harvard Law School. I guess these were not relevant but a couple of sentences are.

As far as the commentary that ran in the Post, I would pose the same questions as above, where was the commentary regarding the “credibility and reputation” of Obama? There was none because for whatever reason the press both national and local refused to report anything negative about Obama and for the most part still do.

The bottom line is no one but Scott and Rollie will ever know the facts of what led to this. The question for the voters is simple, do you want to elect a person that is going to continue Colorado down the path of higher taxes, anti-business, which means anti-jobs or do you want to get this state back on track and get back to work? Not a hard choice in my opinion.

Doug Meyers

Glenwood Springs

We have been told by Scott McInnis that ethics are a “non-issue.” I would argue that they are not only an issue, they are the only issue that is truly important. All actions we take and all decisions we make are based on our core values – our ethics.

Do we want to be represented by someone who has shown a lack of ethics and a lack of understanding as to why it is important?

Republicans are faced with two races in the upcoming primary that have clear choices based on the ethics of the respective candidates: The governor’s race and the Garfield County sheriff.

Scott McInnis has demonstrated he does not believe ethics are important. Let’s show him they are.

Lou Vallario showed a disregard for personal integrity when he chose to have an extra-marital affair and at the same time undermined his authority within the department by having that affair with a junior member of the department against departmental regulation. That sets the standard for the rest of the Sheriff’s Department; you can disregard a rule if you want to. To fund his campaign, he is actively soliciting $100 donations from each member of the department. His goal is to raise $10,000 from employee donations. What happens if you don’t want to donate, or don’t have the funds to donate $100? We recalled our District Attorney, Colleen Truden, over this exact issue. Sheriff Vallario authorized the use of a SWAT team to remove a young boy with a bump on his head from his parents’ house.

Please make integrity and ethics a core part of your choice of candidate to represent us. Vote for Maes and Winters.

Dr. Elizabeth Chandler

New Castle

What an interesting article on the sheriff’s Republican primary. Mr. Stroud, we will give you your “props” for at least including Sheriff Vallario’s explanation as to why we need the “War Wagon.”

As for Mr. Soucie, it seems as if he is committed to “stirring the pot” rather than endorsing a candidate who is infinitely more qualified. His comments remind us of ex-President Jimmy Carter on today’s world stage: an interesting “has-been,” but meaningless in the reality of things.

We wonder what Mr. Winters’ deputies (an extrapolation) and our county’s residents would think of his “fiscal concerns” if their lives could be saved by the Bear Cat (a defensive support vehicle). If the Bear Cat is “fiscally irresponsible,” why did Mr. Winters’ Eagle County Sheriff’s department call on our Bear Cat and our All Hazards Response Team hostage negotiators to resolve their recent hostage situation with no loss of life? This is not political rhetoric; it is fully documented by both Garfield and Eagle County dispatch tapes. Mr. Soucie and Mr. Winters’ 1980s and 1990s thinking is not where we need to be in 2010 in order to face today’s law enforcement challenges.

Thank you for your time,

Tom and Jane Ashworth


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