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I know a man whose love for the town of Silt has kept him living here for 33 years. In spite of losing his three children in a camping accident, losing his wife of 28 years with cancer, plus suffering financial hardship when Exxon left the area in 1982, he kept his composure and faith and plowed on.His love for Silt never wavered. He overcame the hardships with exceptional grace. His honesty and integrity has been an example of inspiration to myself and the community. He gives his time, energy and love to those in need both on a personal level as well as the community. Ive seen him stand up for those who have no voice, as well as standing firm against those whose interests are certainly not for the betterment of Silt.The man I am talking about is my best friend and husband, Dave Moore, mayor of Silt.Sheerer MooreSilt

Carbondale is changing very rapidly and the new Board of Trustees will have a very large say in whether or not Carbondale is a place where working families can afford to live and whether we retain our small locally-owned shops and unique character. For those of you who thought the big box debate was over, Im sorry to say that well probably see a 100,000+ square foot proposal very soon if this election goes to those open to such a proposal, which would, in my opinion, include Barry Big Box Maggert, Ed Cortez and Don Vandevander.Bringing this issue up again would simply drive this town into another 4+ years of divisive debate, a big box wont get built and wed miss out on a million plus of potential sales tax revenue in the meantime.With regards to affordable housing, Maggert is downright hostile, Cortez is all talk but no action, and Vandevander is clueless.On the positive side we have Frosty Merriott and John Hoffmann, two very passionate and hardworking candidates. Merriotts accounting background will be very valuable in helping Carbondale create a viable affordable housing program and Hoffmanns tireless commitment to trails and other environmental causes will bring a nice balance to the Board.Pamela Zentmyer brings a lifetime of experiencing the Carbondale character and a willingness to learn. While someone expressed to me that they thought John Foulkrod might bully her around on the Board, from what I know of her, she has a very sharp and independent mind and she isnt afraid to use it.I dont know Brent Moss personally, but I certainly liked what he had to say in the debate, especially compared to what Maggert/Cortez/Vandevander could come up with. Hes obviously done his homework on affordable housing, commercial development and RFTA, and he seems to be campaigning harder than anyone else, which shows he is dedicated and passionate.Dont forget to vote on Tuesday, the first of April!Scott ChaplinCarbondale

Attention town of Carbondale votersit is time to elect level-headed individuals to the board who will support our local businesses, ensure our public safety and public works, control our tax burdens, and keep our town character.I have watched the candidate forum, listened to the radio interviews, and read our local papers. The individuals that clearly care about the community and the future of Carbondale are Ed Cortez, Don Vandevander, and Pamela Zentmyer. They possess the knowledge, character, and integrity to carry Carbondale ahead. They do not seem to have a special agenda, nor do they represent a special interest group. They appear to be genuinely concerned with affordable housing, taxes, density, public transportation, local business growth, and public safety, and offer solutions to the problems. More importantly, they have their own thoughts and ideas, and can clearly communicate them in a public audience. This was very obvious in the public forum. Ed Cortez, Don Vandevander, and Pam Zentmyer answered the questions asked of them, and offered solutions to problems while others just agreed that we have a problem, but offered no solutions.We have enough followers; it is time to elect some leaders to the board. The forum proved that Mr. Cortez, Mr. Vandevander, and Ms. Zentmyer possess the business and financial backgrounds that are sorely needed.As a local business owner, I feel confident of our future if we elect Ed Cortez, Don Vandevander and Pamela Zentmyer to our new board of trustees.Ted MiernickiCarbondale business owner

After talking to many of you, it is clear that there are many misconceptions as to my beliefs and support of issues facing Carbondale. So rather than have local special interest groups and the Valley Journal misrepresent me, I would prefer to represent myself. I strongly support local businesses and the growth and promotion of them. I also welcome new businesses to come to Carbondale to help increase our local sales tax shortcomings. I believe businesses and small town character can co-exist.It was recently suggested by a Town Mother that I support a new tax on the service sector of businesses in Carbondale (i.e. physicians, accountants, and all professional services), that which is also the fastest growing. I would not support that tax either. So, voters be looking at a new tax being proposed by their two members who are running for the Board if elected.I support open space, renewable energy, and RAFTA; yet I am branded as a staunch conservative that does not value the towns character. Its funny that the VJ and others have missed those issues as well. Perhaps they feel I dont support those issues because I do not support additional taxes for them. I am most concerned with the budget and our core responsibilities of public safety, public works (water and sewer), streets, and parks & rec. I want to see our first responders, city employees, & school teachers living in Carbondale, thus the support for affordable housing for Carbondale first! I am a straightforward, honest individual with an open mind and open ears. I believe I proved that in the town forum. My business and financial background should be viewed as a strength not a weakness for town budgeting. Business minds do not destroy town character, bad character of those who are elected destroy town character and economic stability. Don VandevanderCarbondale

Norm Shroll, what are you talking about? I didn’t write Satan’s stoolie as you contend. I wrote McCarthy’s stoolie. This is a historical fact. Ronald Reagan cut his political teeth informing on Reds in Hollywood, for McCarthy’s witch hunt.I also posed him standing in hell for bearing false witness, with Satan as an imaginative I can envision every time a Republican parrots the phrases: ‘Liberal Media’, ‘Political Correct’. He was also standing there with Goebbels and the man he learned his stick from, George Creely (the father of modern Public Relations), his boss Woodrow Wilson, who although was the driving force behind League of Nations, also believed in Utopian designs of social engineering.The whole statement penned was simply an illustration of how we’ve been deprived of our own senses by the propaganda machine of the 20th century. It closed with a rebuke for Christians to stop bearing this form of false witness. I once defended Ward Churchill by actually comparing him to Hitler, in this very same paper. I bet you didn’t catch the nuances of the grouping then, either. I’m not really that intelligent, Norm. And I probably demonstrate little common sense trying to stuff as much information as is possible into 350 words, to get the cobwebs out, over morning coffee. Beats anything that passes for news, in a world where true journalism is dead and buried by entertainers. I haven’t lost the ability to differentiate between ideas to identifying with catch phrases, like the propagandist plan. Plus, I try to understand what I actually am commenting on before I pen a response. Thank you for your concerns for Mr. Reagan’s whereabouts in the afterlife, but after all, its all speculation, and my guess is probably more congruent to the facts than would be your hero worship.Eric OlanderNew Castle

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