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Lou Vallario has been a neighbor and friend of mine for 20 years, the sheriff of Garfield County for the last eight years and has made significant positive changes to this office and jail.

I have had the opportunity to hear all the updates for the past eight years from Sheriff Vallario and can encourage you not to be misled by all you read or hear regarding citizen complaints or rumors. Lou is a man of integrity and one who has the best interest of Garfield County in every aspect of his duties defined by statute.

It costs money to provide the quality of service and protection we as citizens of Garfield County expect to be provided. Safety of the community is paramount in Lou’s opinion; he has carefully considered those aspects in his administration. Lou makes sure his staff, patrol, jail deputies and jail detention officers have the training necessary to perform the duties they are charged to do that we as public citizens have the right to expect.

Lou has stayed within the confines of the Board of Commissioners budget approval for the operation of the sheriff, Search and Rescue and Community Corrections. Lou has returned funds to the general fund when the expenditures were less that he projected in his budget forecast.

I encourage you to support Lou Vallario in his bid for re-election as the Garfield County sheriff in the August primary held by mail-ballot and in the Nov. 2 General Election. He has proven to be dependable, knowledgeable, service oriented and a consistent provider of the services we need in this county as sheriff.

Marian Clayton

New Castle

By rejecting a bid to support the Thompson Divide Coalition on Monday (see GSPI July 20), county commissioners Martin and Samson have once again demonstrated their allegiance to the gas and oil industries, and not to the people from Garfield County who elected them. Their decision to invite Rep. Salazar to a future commissioners meeting to discuss the Thompson Divide issue makes good sense, but without support from the county it is unlikely that he will take a strong stand to protect the Thompson Divide area. A large factor in Martin’s position is his wish to maintain a continued revenue stream for the county from oil and gas development. To extend this argument, why not simply allow gas and oil development all over the state. We might have more revenue, but then, who would want to live here?

It is essential for the economy of our county and state to maintain pristine, natural areas such as the Thompson Divide for our pure enjoyment, ranching and recreation-hiking, camping, cross-country skiing, snowmobiling, biking, hunting and fishing. This area’s recreational and natural values far outweigh its marginal value as a gas resource. The Thompson Divide area is our recreational back yard – including Four Mile Park, Thompson Creek, and other wild areas in which we play. It supports the forests that are so essential to preserve the water we drink and use for agriculture. This is what sustains the economies of Carbondale, Glenwood Springs, and surrounding communities.

Thanks, Tresi, for continuing to be the voice of moderation and reason in our county. Please let Tresi Houpt and John Salazar know that we need to keep the Thompson Divide area protected and free from gas and oil development.

Bob Millette and Maggie Pedersen

Glenwood Springs

After reading some of the online comments regarding ICE and yet another case of mistaken identity, I have to wonder when did our justice system become guilty until proven innocent, especially if you are Hispanic?

In regards to Mr. Guevara, we have to ask: Just because he’s dark skinned and has tattoos does that mean he is not worthy of the same rights and privileges that we enjoy as American citizens? Regardless of race or background I’m sure we’ve all made mistakes when we were young and stupid. I know I have.

I’ve been forgiven for those mistakes. Why can’t we forgive Mr. Guevara? He served his time, paid his debt to the community, and spent time and money becoming a citizen of this country.

It’s time we start recognizing the people who do it right and not persecuting them just because they look different than us. Come on people, let’s make this community what it once was. The prejudice needs to stop!

Katie Turner


There has been an ongoing political smear campaign aimed at Sheriff Lou Vallario and the Garfield County Sheriff’s Department personnel in general. It will fail if voters study the facts and discount the rumors. What do those complaining stand to gain if he is defeated? Of more importance, consider what we, as citizens, will lose. If you have the chance, talk to sheriffs in the immediate area and ask them about Sheriff Vallario.

A complaint in a letter to the editor said the sheriff is unresponsive to public comment. His open door policy and articles in the Post Independent refute that statement.

Recently there was an excellent letter in the Post Independent containing facts that should silence the BearCat (War Wagon) debate. There have been arrests of gang members in Garfield County. The BearCat, as indicated in the letter, is designed to save the lives of officers, citizens and hostages. It is invaluable when there are violent encounters with people and gangs that have no respect for lives or laws. It is already a proven asset.

Ex-Sheriff Soucie and the sheriff’s opponent say modern techniques introduced by Sheriff Vallario are an unnecessary expense. These men need to explain why the department’s updated communication system now in service is a waste. Also, why is the annex in Rifle not needed to better serve the western part of the county?

The sheriff’s primary opponent, Winters, criticized the sheriff for his reckless spending of taxpayers’ money on modernization. The fact is, Sheriff Vallario and staff saved money while in the process of updating law enforcement in the county. They monitored contracts and expenses so he was able to return more than $2 million that can be used for other purposes in the county. He also saves money by letting attorneys address frivolous lawsuits.

Sheriff Vallario did not solicit my support. I am backing him because I have confidence in his administrative abilities, his experience, his innate sense of fairness and his and his staff’s talent for adjusting to changing conditions. In all areas of his responsibility, he has hired and promoted intelligent and service-oriented people.

Remember these facts when you get your mail-in and voting booth ballots. Keep Lou Vallario in office.

Jack E. Blankenship

Battlement Mesa

What a pleasant surprise to see PI journalism intern Anna Gauldin covering Downtown Drug in such an upbeat article (July 19). Like many, many other customers who know Downtown Drug’s Pete and Margie Crow, we are grateful for the couple’s support of our community, including working with us at The Salvation Army InterValley offices here in Glenwood Springs.

We help many of our clients, from Aspen to Parachute, in need of financial assistance to purchase prescriptions. We meet with clients who have fallen on difficult times, and we frequently discover that medical costs, including often-costly prescriptions, contribute to their slide into serious debt.

The good folks at Downtown Drug help answer our clients’ medication-related questions and allay their health concerns in these difficult economic times. The need for support has never been greater, as we can attest from the number of clients – a near doubling in the past two years – that seek our assistance.

We know that our generous and thoughtful donors would share in our praise for the team at Downtown Drugstore and its helpful counsel to many of The Salvation Army’s local clients.

Amy Barr

business manager

Karen Lee

client services caseworker

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