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I would like to correct the misinformation In Holly Binnian’s letter of July 16, 2010 regarding her dog.

First, I did tell her several times that I was sorry her dog was missing, but I didn’t shoot her dog. Obviously, she wasn’t listening.

Second, Deputy Sheriff Sutton was informed that I shot at a pit bull trying to get at our calf. I do know the difference between a pit bull and a yellow lab. The charge of “Cruelty to Animals” was voided due to no probable cause. I don’t know where Ms. Binnian got her information, because I was told there was not a report on record by a Garfield County Sheriff Department representative.

We have chased her dog home at least six times. Two of those times it was chasing my horses. You have been called three times to get your dog. And that’s only for the yellow lab. Before that it was the Jack Russell terrier at our home all the time. (Not to mention your horses that have showed up at our home.)

Morrisania Mesa is not a safe place to let your dog roam free. Wild animals are opportunists and do not pass up a free meal, which is a terrible way for a pet to lose their life.

You can license, tattoo and microchip your dog, but if you continue to let your dog run loose you are being irresponsible.

As to people not being friendly and helpful on Morrisania Mesa, I really think you are wrong. My experience is that our neighbors are good people. I personally have never seen you extend a hand to help anyone. Just a hand out for someone to help you. I suggest you look up the definition for a “friendly neighbor.”

You’re right, only God knows what happened to your dog. I also believe that God will judge us for our actions. I will stand by my wife in saying if you truly love your dogs, you will provide a safe environment for them. Or as the old saying goes, “good fences make good neighbors.”

Jack Castle


I have been watching with a certain degree of sadness the continued support of Scott McInnis to be the Republican Party candidate for Governor. I am sad to see some neighbors and acquaintances support a man who admits he did not write the musings for which he received $300,000.

Does honesty and integrity matter to you?

Only by willful ignorance can McInnis’ actions be considered an “honest mistake” or something “he has owned up to.” So now we can move on. The $300,000 smells like a payoff or retainer from a man who makes or loses millions of dollars based on decisions of a representative or governor. That the money was given by the cover of payment for a fellowship with the Hasan Foundation doesn’t obscure the fact that it is far out of proportion to the “work” performed by submitting plagiarized material. Was it fraud or plagiarism or payoff or some combination of these? The answer doesn’t matter unless it is an unequivocal, “None of the above.”

At West Point, my alma mater, we had a very simple Honor Code:

“A cadet does not lie, cheat or steal, nor tolerate among us someone who does.”

Scott McInnis does not deserve to govern Colorado.

David Schroeder, LTC, USA, (ret.)

New Castle

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