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Over the last few months, while driving and hitching up and down The Valley on 82, I have made a couple of observations: The most expensive and biggest cars and trucks are the ones going the fastest. We are not talking about 5-10 mph over the limit, but 75 to 80 mph. Plus, most of these vehicles have only one person in them and their talking on cell phones! I’m glad these people don’t pick me up hitching. I don’t scare easily, however, a Chevy one ton two feet from your Civic’s rear bumper is quite unnerving! Second, any vehicle with license plates from Florida needs to be given a wide berth. I believe they are all looking for early-bird dinner specials at one o’clock in the afternoon! Thank you. Jack LandGlenwood Springs

The latest news about Ford’s fifth straight quarterly profit reminded me of the TV ads that showed eggs being fried and the voice over saying, “This is drugs. This is your brain on drugs. Any questions?” Ford, as you’ll remember, was the only one of the Big Three that refused “help” from the government and is the only one thriving. “This is the government. This is your business with government ‘help’. Any questions?”To apply this to health care; Donald Berwick, by a recess appointment, is now the head of Medicare and Medicaid. He is admittedly pro health care rationing and the public option/single payer scam and thinks the NHS in the UK is the greatest thing since fish and chips. A 24 July article in the UK newspaper, “Telegraph” titled, “Axe falls on NHS services” ( gives us a look in the crystal ball of America’s future under ObamaCare. Any questions?To broaden the analogy, “This is Obama and the Democratic Party. This is your country run by Obama and the Democratic Party. Any questions?”Neal PollackCarbondale

Caf’ Scientifique eagerly announces its next discussion titled ‘Modern Chemicals Modern ills’ at the Malibu Restaurant of El Jebel on Wednesday, Aug. 4 at 6:30 p.m. As a sophisticated society, we are exposed daily to a plethora of agents that are used to produce plastics, household materials and fuels. “Find out why some states are trying to ban chemicals used in baby bottles, food and beer cans, cosmetics, toys, and many other products society has become dependent on. Dr. Theo Colborn, Environmental Health Analyst, will tell us why no one is talking frankly about their health effects. Find out how prenatal exposure to low doses of chemicals in your environment could lead to a host of health problems, including ADHD, autism, reproductive problems, diabetes, obesity, cancer, Alzheimer’s disease and more. These chemicals are already in our bodies. We will close the discussion thinking about the cumulative effect disorders, such as these, can have on society as a whole.” For more information visit See you next Wednesday.John Hoffmann & the RF Leadership group ‘Caf’ Sci’Carbondale

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