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Recently David Schroeder wrote to ask if honesty and integrity matter.

Well, we can look at Washington and see that it does. Many of our current political leaders have been severely punished for these lapses.

Vice President Biden, was caught cheating on a exam in law school, his plagiarism during his presidential bids is well known. He has been sentenced to serve 4 years as vice president (that should teach him).

Ms. Hillary Clinton, totally fabricated a story being under sniper fire, having to run for her life to her car and then having to sit on a flack jacket so she wouldn’t be shot up her “you know where”. For this she is being made to serve 4 years as Secretary of State. (She will think twice before she makes up a whopper like that!).

Then we have Rahm Emmanuel, who while on the board of directors of Freddie Mac, received a $50,000 bonus. Of course Freddie Mac misstated its revenue by billions of dollars during this time, and is more than a little to blame for our current economic crisis. Because of his contribution to our current economic crisis, he will serve 4 years as Chief of Staff ! We could continue on with Eric Holder, but I think it should be clear that honesty and integrity only matter if you are on the other end of the political scale. Someone once said “The people get the government they deserve” God help us and God Bless America,


Dennis Bader

Glenwood Springs

For nearly the past two years I have read many opinions regarding immigration reform, and specifically, immigrants in our valley. I’m taking this opportunity to correct some misinformation circulating about Catholic Charities and our role with the immigrant population.

Catholic Charities does not endorse illegal immigration, and we do not help individuals and families cross the border illegally. We do provide a helping hand to an individual or family that comes to us in need of assistance. That assistance may be helping an individual who finds herself in a domestic violent relationship, and she needs our help to escape. It may be for a family that has been in the valley for years and the primary breadwinner lost his job due to the recession. We may lend assistance to the neighborhood bank teller who just found out her husband has cancer. We may help an employee that has worked for a company for several months and that company now refuses to pay him for his work.

These people, these children of God, come in all shapes, sizes, colors, religions and legal status. We do not discriminate when we lend a hand. We do assure legal status when we provide direct financial assistance using any federal, state or county funds. Catholic Charities does not support anyone breaking the law – any law, including illegally entering the country.

However, when an individual walks through our door, we are dealing with a human being with a very real and immediate need. We listen, assess, and help when we can. We strive to live our mission of “extending the healing ministry of Jesus Christ to the poor and those in need.” The stories of those we serve are compelling. If you spent some time in “their shoes,” I think you would agree.

Marian McDonough, Regional Director

Catholic Charities, Glenwood Springs

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