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With three months to go before mid-term elections, many of you are already busy slinging mud, spouting grand generalities, and filling your TV ads with meaningless sound bites (“I’ll fix Washington,” etc). I suspect that you do this because it appears to have worked in past elections, and you believe that the average voter will buy the same crap again. I certainly can’t speak for everyone, but I want you to know that I and a lot of the people with whom I associate are tired of this approach.

So – here are some things that you need to do if you want my vote: (1) Stop smearing your opponent with negative ads. Concentrate instead on identifying those issues that you consider important, then provide details about your plan to deal with each of them. (2) Tell me how much your plans will cost, and where you intend to get the money. (3) Identify the sacrifices that we will have to make in order to implement your plans, and please don’t insult me by claiming that you can grow new programs while reducing taxes. (4) Commit to abide equally by all laws that you impose on the rest of us, remembering the difference between public service and feeding at the public trough. (5) Commit to stay away from pork, unfunded mandates, and deficit spending. I don’t spend money that I don’t have and send the bill to my grandchildren, and I will be angry if you do that. (6) Understand that I want you to represent me, not a bunch of moneyed interests. I and others like me want government of the people, by the people, for the people – not government of the people, by the lobbyists, for the rich. (7) Finally, understand that “cooperation,” “compromise,” and “bipartisanship” are not dirty words. It’s just been so long since politicians tried any of them you’ve forgotten that they frequently work.

Trust me, if your opponent also does these things, I can decide which of you gets my vote.

John Palmer

Glenwood Springs

Because elections are closing in, the liberals in Congress will begin to soften their socialist voices. They will put on a great show of sympathy toward tax cuts, talk tougher on terrorism. They will parade news stories of economic recovery. Wow, they even set aside Cap and Trade (for now).

If they retain or gain seats, they’ll be right back pushing for government control of everything. They will raise taxes.

Already you can hear Bennet and Udall coaxing votes. Don’t pay attention to the mainstream media – by this time you should recognize that their agenda is the same as the socialists.

Pay attention to new faces rather than sending the “old boys” back to play the same games with your tax dollars. Research the core values of the candidates – most have internet sites to access. Give the boot to the “old boys” who are self-serving career politicians.

We have a right to our retirements and our hard-earned dollars – don’t let D.C. take an even larger share.

Carol Abbott


I am so excited to endorse Republican candidate Doug Winters for sheriff of Garfield County.

Doug was a crucial part of our church while I was the pastor. Doug exhibited dedication to his duties in the church as well as served on the church leadership board.

I know that he will have the same fervent passion for the community and the people of Garfield County. He has great leadership abilities, is very personable and is a man of his word. He takes time to understand situations and develops workable solutions.

If you believe that Garfield County needs fresh leadership, Doug Winters is your man.

Pastor Dan Rose

Winchester, Va.

former pastor of Pioneer Faith Community

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