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Brian Wright makes reference to the 31 percent approval rating of President Bush in his letter to Mr. Herbst, but failed to mention the 21 percent approval rating of Congress. That means 79 percent of the people think Congress is doing a terrible job.

Who passed the Patriot Act? President Bush wanted it, but it was Congress that passed it. Why not blast them as well? The president may be the top dog, but Congress is the path that must be traveled in order to implement law.

War is horrible. Soldiers and civilians are killed and maimed. Countries are destroyed and economies ruined. This war is no different. But are there positive things that come with war as well?

In Iraq children are being educated, and treated for illness and disease. Hospitals and schools are being constructed, and many for the first time in their lives have electricity and running water. Freedom isn’t free and the Iraqi people are paying the price as well as Americans.

The Iraqi people tried, convicted and carried out the death sentence of a president who had killed many times over the 4,000 Americans that have died defending them.

Since 9/11 and the start of the war against terrorists, this country has not been attacked.

If Olander, Wright and others were living in Iraq during the Hussein era and wrote letters to the editor as they have here, they would have been picked up and never heard from again.

There are many things wrong with this country, but there many things right as well. History and time will peel the layers away and expose the truth about this presidency and the war.

One other thought for you to ponder Mr. Wright. If President Clinton had enforced the restrictions placed upon Iraq and President Hussein after the first war, would we have had to go back and fight again? Eight years of scolding and slapping Hussein on the hand for being a bad boy instead of going in and dealing with the idiot may have cost more than you and I can conceive.

Norm Shroll

Glenwood Springs

It is no secret that, historically, the gas prices in this area are higher than in most other sections of Colorado. While all drivers have experienced a large price per gallon increase, the Glenwood Springs area still tops the list. The only other gas station to match this price is on a Navajo reservation in Arizona where competition is scarce. On a recent trip, we incurred the following prices for mid-grade fuel (87 octane): 3/14 Grand Junction – $3.169; 3/15 Kayenta, Ariz. – $3.429; 3/15 Flagstaff, Ariz. – $3.259; 3/20 Sedona, Ariz. – $3.259; 3/21 Durango – $3.359; 3/22 Frisco – $3.299; and 3/23 Glenwood Springs – $3.459.

Your newspaper would do your readers a great service if you could ascertain the reason that gas prices remain so high in Glenwood. Obviously, transportation costs cannot be the sole factor, given the above samples.

Karen and Jerry Foster

Glenwood Springs

I am despondent over the lost American Legion pin I wear every day with pride. I did not “just wear it to Ladies’ Auxiliary meetings,” as my partner suggested.

I’ve retraced my steps of that day to no avail in finding the pin.

Please, if you have found it, please return it to me or to the Rifle Police department, to Lt.. J.R. Boulton. Thank you.

I wear red, white and blue every day because I love the United States of America.

Sue A. Miller


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