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This is in response to the article of July 27 on the Grand Avenue restoration. Mr. Shapira has done a first-class job once again. He should be commended for his efforts.

There is another hidden gem at the corner of Cooper and Eighth that is occupied by TreadZ. The only recognition this renovation has gotten is that a shoe store occupies the main level. The owner of the building, Kurt Trede, started this renaissance in the downtown core seven or eight years ago. His renovation was as extensive as Mr. Shapira’s, if not more so. I am a little surprised where the Historic Preservation Commission chose to start handing out accolades. Unfortunately the only recognition Mr. Trede has gotten is a bunch of crap from the building department. That was his thank you for a job well done.

Ms. Ricehill, maybe in your travels you could venture over to the TreadZ building and have another look.

Thank you,

Ken Fry

Valley Woodworking Inc.

Glenwood Springs

“The worst deficit comes from a recession. And if we can take the proper action in the proper time this can be the most important step we could take to prevent another recession.” “Such a bill will be presented to the Congress for action next year. It will include an across the board, top to bottom, cut in both corporate and personal income taxes.”

I am going to pose two questions to you: Firstly, do you like having money? Secondly, what do you do with the money you earn? There has been widespread conversation in this country about the best way to end our national deficit. Some have said the best way to raise money would be to raise taxes. On the surface this solution makes sense, but let me offer another choice. Let people keep the money they make. I do not have a degree in economics or finance, but I do have a checkbook. I know that when I have money I like to spend it. I like to take my wife out to eat and buy things for the house. When I have extra money I like to invest it in the stock market to provide for my and my children’s future. When I spend money it stimulates the economy. Cutting taxes would allow me to do that more often.

Raising taxes does, in fact, increase revenue for as long as people have money. No money means no revenue. If the taxes are lower it means a smaller percentage per transaction, but a larger amount of them because people have more money. Walmart (one of the most successful American corporations) has a model of low prices and high volume. They make more money by charging less because they do so much business. It works the same for governmental taxation.

And since I didn’t give credit for the two quotes let me now. Those are from JFK speaking in December 1962 about tax cuts he proposed for every bracket. Including the rich. His cuts were wildly successful even though he was dead when they were enacted.

Matthew Skeen

Glenwood Springs

Osama Bin Laden wins still another round against the Empire as the U.S. government allocates another $33 billion to pour down the money pit called Afghanistan. Osama is playing Obama, and the gang of fools called a Congress, just the way the U.S. played the Soviets in the same country. And look what happened to the USSR. 9-11 was always a gambit to draw the U.S. into the middle east.

Where does the money come from? The government does not actually have that money. Of course, American taxpayers don’t want to pay the taxes necessary to raise the money. So it’s borrowed. Who’s going to pay it back; your kids, your grandkids, their kids? So Osama Bin Laden has the satisfaction of knowing that he’s not only sticking it to this generation of Americans, but the next few also.

Osama Bin Laden knew this game would play because he knew the American people are basically selfish, cynical, cowardly and ignorant. Selfish because we aren’t paying our own bills; cynical because we know we are dumping on our own kids; cowardly because we send a bunch of poor kids overseas to die for us; and ignorant for not knowing that this was going to happen-and, in fact, is happening. Not a pretty sight.

Osama Bin Laden thanks Allah five times a day, every day.

Patrick Hunter


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