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This is in response to your article of July 23 about the campaign funds of Kathleen Curry.

For those of you who may be considering a contribution to Ms. Curry’s funds please be aware of the following. On June 11, 2010, Colorado Gov. Bill Ritter, with the approval of Kathleen Curry and other political cronies, signed into law HB 1328 know as the “The New Energy Jobs Creation Act of 2010.” This sound innocuous, doesn’t it?

However, upon closer scrutiny, this new statute creates a statewide Colorado New Energy Improvement District, which is controlled by a nine member unelected board. They passed this law without the need of your consent or your vote, thereby bypassing the constitution of the state of Colorado and the Constitution of the USA.

This “district” is a new entity created and endowed with powers from the state of Colorado. It has the authority to issue $800 million in special assessment bonds with the sole purpose of creating the funding loans to finance solar energy and improvements on privately owned residences. The district can seize your property, does not have to pay cash for it, and is capable of placing a lien in front of your mortgage, and finally, the district can turn down any and all bids at your foreclosure.

For example, if your residence exceeds certain arbitrary emissions, you may be required by the district to secure a green loan, and if you cannot afford the green loan, your neighbor may be forced to pay for your loan. This sounds like we’re living in Orwell’s “1984.”

The creation of HB 1328 violates the state constitution’s Tabor (Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights) amendment, which prohibits existing public debt from being diluted by adding more public debt without prior voter approval.

These new green economics were implemented in a sea of red. The USA has no money; we have $130 trillion in unfunded liability. If Ms. Curry is so willing to sign away your rights to vote on bills directly affecting your property rights, think what she will do if she retains office. If the above political maneuvers upset you, please contact your county commissioners, Ms. Curry, Bill Ritter and his cohorts. It’s time to protest this evil bill while you still have the right to protest.

Karen Foster

Glenwood Springs

Also addressed to Aspen Mayor Ireland,Aspen City Council and Pitkin County BOCC

Re: Aspen Art Museum and Wheeler Opera House Expansion

Issue: parking and traffic generation problems associated with above expansion

My basic concern stems from the expanded uses and how they will impact the community. The Wheeler currently has five parking places for 275 patrons, staff and no specific parking on-site or elsewhere. Its expansion will double its capacity for seating and staff and performers as well as rehearsal times and use will expand as well. The Wheeler as proposed could host two seatings per day, potentially attracting 1,200 people. Using two persons per vehicle as an average, the resulting 600 car trips per day x 2 (to and from venue) equals 1,200 CTPD. Traffic, traffic, traffic. Where do they park?

The Aspen Art Museum currently has approximately 30 parking places. On any given art event that I’ve attended in the last five years 750-1,000 people attend. The overflow parking creeps all the way to the Post Office and Clark’s Market. Using the same CTPD as the Wheeler, the Art Museum could easily generate 1,000 CTPD.

I would suggest an in-depth Environmental Impact Study focusing on traffic, parking and air quality problems associated with so many CTPD associated with these expansions. EIR study should go to bid to an out-of-valley specialist on this subject.

A solution to alleviate the problems with stuffing Aspen proper with lots of smelly cars and solving another sour note in Aspen land purchasing problems is offered. Move the Art Museum to the Aspen Business Center property that the city owns (old lumber yard). Sell half of it to them.

Sell the other half to the Wheeler for its expansion, (think of a satellite or off campus theatre and music venue with the rehearsal and workshops all with parking). I would suggest that the existing Wheeler vacant lot be turned into a multi-story with underground parking structure for exclusive use to the Wheeler with a sub-lease to the city.

Note: All traffic and parking numbers are estimates.

Owen Minney

Glenwood Springs

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