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Dennis Bader referenced me on the subjects of honesty and integrity in a recent letter. He then catalogued a list of complaints against several individuals in the Obama Administration. This does not address the issues I raised about Scott McInnis’ lack of the necessary character to be the Governor of Colorado.

Nor does he indicate whether he supports McInnis in the Aug. 10 primary. I now ask Mr. Bader: Do you support Scott McInnis for the office of Governor of Colorado?

And I would like to ask all of you who do support this candidate how you can ignore his $2,000 per page “job” with the Hasan Foundation. Surely you are not so naive that you think the “musings”, plagiarized or not, were worth that kind of money? Did you attend any of the statewide forums that were held by McInnis on the subject of water? WERE there any such meetings? This smells like a payoff, which should be investigated by the appropriate authorities.

It is clear that the “musings” were presented by McInnis as his own work. Did he defraud the Hasans? Did he just provide the necessary cover for a political quid pro quo? Nudge, nudge, wink, wink.

I stand by my statement: “Scott McInnis lacks the honesty and integrity to serve as the Governor of Colorado.”

He should step down.

David Schroeder, LTC, USA (ret.)

New Castle

Not all members of Congress are bums, but since they only have an 11 percent approval rating, 89 percent probably fit that category and need to be retired. As one currently serving U. S. Congressman put it, “we are all incompetent and who are the 11 percent which think we are doing a good job?” Must be relatives.

The biggest problem is they cannot vote their conscience because they have sold out to special interests. The drug companies, the big banks, the oil companies, etc., contribute billions for one reason only – to buy their vote.

Andrew Romanoff, who is running in the Democratic Primary for the U.S. Senate, has pledged not to accept money from PAC’s. Michael Bennet, on the other hand, who has been in the Senate for less than two years, has already received over one million dollars from PAC’s. That includes $617,000 from the banking industry.

Senator Bennet voted for the recently passed bank reform bill. This bill, for the most part, has been approved by the banking industry and does nothing to correct the causes of the 2008 economic collapse. In fact, experts who have reviewed this bill stated that even if it had been in effect in 2008 it would not have prevented the collapse of our banking system and it will not prevent the next one.

Speculation in derivatives and credit default swaps and leverage of bank capital (30 or 40 to one) creating huge debt were two principal causes of the 2008 economic collapse. Under the bank reform bill, the big banks can continue this practice. It should be noted that members of the Senate Finance Committee, of which Senator Bennet is a member, received over $41 million from the banking industry.

This is the question; do you want a U.S. Senator beholden to special interests or one that is independent of the lobbyists? Senator Bennet is part of the problem, not the solution.

We need a Senator who will be part of the solution. That is Andrew Romanoff. He deserves your vote.

Bill Barnes

New Castle

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