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Do you know someone that was homeless, would you help them?

Here is why I ask that question:

I recently reconnected with an old friend, Lynn. We met in a commercial building where she had an office close to the office my husband and I had. This all sounds great until I tell you that we didn’t work there … we lived there. The owner of the building graciously provided the electricity. We supplied our own food and other necessities. At the time we lived there, 3 groups of homeless people (including a family with children) were staying there.

The only thing any of us had in common was we had nowhere else to go.

So, if your answer was you didn’t know anyone who was ever homeless, well, now you do.

In a few months, my husband and I got back on our feet and moved on. Not everyone who lived in the office building was so fortunate.

My friend Lynn, found a job and eventually saved enough money to head west to Colorado. In making the trip, she spent all her saved money on vehicle repairs and emergency expenses. By the time she arrived at her destination she was broke and jobless. This story is very similar to what happened to us, which is how we ended up homeless (and how I met Lynn).

There is a bright spot to the story: In Lynn’s search for a job and shelter in Colorado, she stumbled across an organization called Feed My Sheep. Karen Pepper and her staff welcomed Lynn and provided her with food and the very basics to get her through this tough time.

I spoke with Lynn today and she is in the process of creating a $5,000 fundraiser for Feed My Sheep. Winter is the hardest season on the homeless and also those who care for them. Feed My Sheep needs additional funds to purchase essential supplies needed this coming winter. When you have people to care for through the tough Colorado winter, every dollar donated is like manna from Heaven … literally.

The link below takes you directly to the Feed My Sheep website. Click on the link and learn all the ways this small but mighty organization cares for the homeless. There is also a donate button at the bottom of each page.

It tells us in the Scriptures in John 21:17 that when the resurrected Messiah visited his disciples for the third time, he asked Peter, “Do you love me?” Peter’s response was “Master, You know all, You know that I love You.” Messiah said to him, “Feed My Sheep.”

Now, it’s your turn. Will you help me help the homeless? I humbly ask you to help me support Lynn in her fundraiser to Feed My Sheep.

Thank you and Blessings to you,

Feed My Sheep,

Karen Pepper

Timing is everything! Only under the present administration could the Islam world demonstrate its disdain and outright contempt for the United States by erecting a monument to Mohammed on one of our nation’s most sacred grounds.

Only under Barack Hussein Obama’s regime would it be possible for our country’s worst enemy to besmirch “ground zero” – site of the World Trade Center slaughter – with the construction of a Muslim Mosque.

When during the entire history of our nation, have we had a president who would not have put a halt to this humiliating travesty?

All of the forty-three preceding presidents from George Washington to George W. Bush would never have allowed this disgraceful project to even be proposed.

With all the abuse of power that Obama has demonstrated since he took office, is there any question about his capability to put a stop to this unworthy cause, if he chose to?

What possible excuse could there be for him to allow this to happen? Maybe not an excuse, but, instead, could there be a reason?

Will this, perhaps, become his place of worship during his frequent trips to New York City?

Is his “inaction” on this mockery simply further evidence that this man is not only unqualified to serve as this nation’s leader, but the man is a truly a quisling when it comes to upholding the sanctity of our nation and its proud heritage?

What more will this man do or choose not do to further destroy all that this nation has cherished throughout its history?

God Bless America!

Richard Doran


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