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As an Independent thinker and voter, I look to the two “major parties” for candidates to vote for. For some reason independent, or minor party, candidates don’t get the financial support of matching funds, so we hear less from them. Then independents (Kathleen Curry) are blocked from being on the ballot by an elected Judge? How does that work?

I was always told in school that the two-party system provides balance, with the party in control being the leaders, and the party that is not in control acting as a “check” in the system. I feel the ability for the party not in power to act as a check to provide balance has been lost to “mud slinging politicians.”

As a result of the Bush administration’s dishonesty, we now have total democratic rule without the check being willing to work correctly. The Republicans can’t tell the truth or balance a check book, and the Democrats fight over the color of the band-aids. Nothing gets done for two years.

So you would think the Republicans could come back with legitimate, qualified, candidates. Let’s see – they give us “good ole” Scott McInnis, with his huge pension from Congress, up for “guvnor.” His opponent Maes thinks bike sharing programs threaten personal freedoms? What? On the national front we have Sarah Palin thinking she’s a mother bear … or something.

Listening to these people reminds me of watching Captain Kangaroo. Nothing makes sense, and it’s so foolish, you just have to laugh. Then one day Captain Kangaroo shows his real colors, making Dancing Bear and Mr. Greenjeans look smart. And we realize it’s all a lie … a show to make money.

Write in independents, and let’s rebuild the USA. Vote out politics and politicians.

Support term limits and dissolution of life-long pensions for senators and congressmen. There should not be a separate health-care program for retired politicians. What’s wrong with Medicare? And former presidents should pay for their own security … or hide. Oh yeah, where is George W.? He is hiding at our expense. Lack of security would provide incentive to be honest.

Brad Gates

New Castle

I’m responding to Richard Doran’s Aug. 8 letter, “All past presidents wouldn’t have allowed a mosque at ‘ground zero.'” In it he makes several charges: The proposed Cordoba House is a “monument to Mohammed”; all 43 past presidents of the United States would not have allowed this project to even be proposed; and, if it is built, Obama might use it as his place of worship when he visits NYC.

The Cordoba House will not be a monument to Mohammed. Mosques are places to worship Allah. Mohammed was just a man, a prophet who, unlike Christ, never declared himself to be any sort of Son of God. He even declared that he wanted no images of himself preserved, to prevent any idolizing of him.

Mr. Doran’s also unaware of the history of the Cordoba, Spain, mosque the NYC building will be named after. During the 9th and 10th centuries in Spain, the Muslim caliphs built a city that allowed the free worship of Muslims, Christians and Jews alike. Students flocked to the mosque at Cordoba because it contained the largest library in Europe at that time and was a center of European refinement. It produced such great Jewish rabbis as Moses and Maimonides, the monk Gerbert, who later became Pope Sylvester II, and the Aristotelian commentator Averroes.

No president could have prevented this project from being proposed. Anyone can put forth a proposal. Nor could any of them have intervened in the approvals process; the 1st, 10th and 14th amendments hold them back. All Americans have freedom of religion, not just the ones who worship as Mr. Doran likes. All states have the right to manage their internal affairs, and this is New York’s baby, not the feds’. And of course all Americans are entitled to equal protection under the law.

And lastly, Obama is a Christian. Remember The Rev. Wright controversy? Obama doesn’t attend any mosque in D.C., why would somebody think he’d travel so far to attend one in NYC?

Please, can we put the fear-mongering aside and be logical Americans, with liberty and justice for all?

Becky Penn

Glenwood Springs

I read today that they are having trouble finding any oil floating on the surface of the Gulf of Mexico. The so-called worst environmental disaster in the history of the planet seems to have been slightly overblown. Or was it?

Enter Brazilian super-geologist Marcio Mello. Marcio ran the Petrobras Research Department in Brazil. Petrobras is, of course, one of the world’s largest oil companies. Marcio invented or directed numerous geochemical-geophysical exploration techniques and engineered solutions to some unbelievably complex problems. His efforts led to vast discoveries of oil in Brazil’s deep offshore wells.

In a recent speech at a financial forum in Vancouver he stated that oil routinely seeps into the oceans of the world and has always done so. He stated that the amount of oil seeping into the Gulf annually is 10s of millions of barrels. More than what blew out of the BP well.

He spoke of a project at Petrobras that cataloged more than 2,600 different kinds of oil-eating bacteria. Petrobras has a huge “bug library” with data and specimens of oil-eating bacteria that thrive in petroleum environments. In fact if you add oil in larger amounts to warm sea water and throw in some sunlight and wave action these bacteria go nuts. The literally eat themselves to death and guess what? The oil disappears. In fact according to Marcio, this newly created biomass of dead bacteria becomes “fish food.” He predicts the fishing industry in the Gulf will recover spectacularly in two years.

The point here being that the shut down of the oil industry in the Gulf area was completely uncalled for. Furthermore, since a federal judge ruled that the moratorium was not legal, it seems the administration feels it is above the law. Four drilling rigs have already left the Gulf and will probably never be back. Thousands of workers have lost their jobs. Once again, this administration is out of touch with reality.

Oh and guess what, Petrobras offered its expertise to the U.S. in April, but the administration turned them down.

Bob Anderson

Glenwood Springs

I’m glad the Post Independent called attention, on Aug. 4 (“Covenant restriction sends startup green business packing,” page A3), to the attempted squashing of an honest, green enterprise by ignorant and petty homeowners.

Manik and Corey are not shady opportunists, they are genuine people trying to make a living in a positive way. It’s sickening to me that they were driven out of town, not by some towering corporate or political force, but by the simple vanity and stubbornness of a few fellow citizens with free time in spades. Did they seriously pay a lawyer to bully these guys? Seriously?

I’m sure no one in this neighborhood made any attempt at reasonable communication or compromise with Manik and Corey. Maybe face-to-face contact with hippies or young people is totally loathsome to them. This small-minded (small world-ed is probably more appropriate) bunch of neighbors could learn a lot from what these two are trying to accomplish. If they had spent five minutes researching compost on the Internet or (God forbid) in a book, they’d know that a well-maintained compost pile lets off no stench, poses no threat to human or animal health, and doesn’t attract animals. They don’t even attract insects. It’s funny that “Rusty” Ford and the rest of his “neighborhood covenant” find a single pile to be such an “eyesore.” They’ve obviously never visited their local landfill.

On a less outraged and more hilarious note, I don’t know if I’ve ever heard the term “neighborhood covenant” thrown around before. It sounds mysterious, biblical, and beyond exclusive. I wonder what their meetings are like? Do they dress in hooded robes and gather at midnight to chant around a circle of stones? One can only hope there is no animal sacrifice, otherworldly ritual, Dungeons and/or Dragons involved.

Gordon West

Glenwood Springs

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