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My hot button: HB 1328. Sharon Brenner and Karen Foster, likewise, as stated in their separate letters to the editor.

A recent writer, not confined to a straightforward argument in favor of the bill, instead chose to attack, marginalize and mock these women.

He also misled readers.

Let’s start with a liberty-loving quote that shines directly on this so-called energy bill: Cheese is always free in a mousetrap.

HB1328 is the perfect trap. The first come-on: It’s “voluntary.” The second, we have the $800,000,000 to fund it.

The truth? The bill goes around the taxpayer, around the Constitution, somehow forgets we’re a republic (all signers were originally elected by the people to represent the people), creates an autonomous corporation called “The District” that circumvents the rule of law by declaring the right to foreclose on delinquent property owners who have signed on “voluntarily” for their green loan, declaring they “don’t have to pay cash” for the property, that the property be put in “The District’s” name, that “The District” be placed before any existing mortgage, and that “The District” can turn down any and all offers at foreclosure.

Why would they do that? Why would they want to own someone else’s property, and what would they do with it? The bill doesn’t say.

The “voluntary” lingo simply gets their foot in the door, and once this ominous shadow government (The District) gets rolling, how do lovers of this bill plan to stop it-or do they care?

The last and lasting bit of hubris? The delinquent bill for all this goes to our schools, our communities, our beleaguered taxpayer to pay.

Mrs. Brenner, Mrs. Foster and others like them are simply sounding the alarm of a government bereft of integrity, one that is becoming a growing menace to our republic and its foundational principles, a reality that calls for ever increasing dissent and remedies that restore our nation’s foundation.

We’re ready.

Betty Scranton

Glenwood Springs

Avid hikers are invited to test their mettle by joining the Hidden Gems Wilderness Campaign on Sunday, Aug.15, as it ascends the 13,500-foot Treasure Mountain above Marble.

The Treasure Mountain massif, near the headwaters of the Crystal River, is one of the lushest areas in the state. The rock spires of The Chimneys hide basins containing head-high fields of flowers and numerous waterfalls and waterslides.

The hike route begins in Crystal City and ascends south into Bear Basin. It then gains the ridge between Treasure and Treasury with spectacular views of the Raggeds’ ranks and the giants of the Elks. The climb to the summit is less than four miles, but contains 4,000 feet of elevation gain and substantial off-trail travel.

The Treasure Mountain hike is part of a larger series of free hikes led by the Hidden Gems into proposed wilderness areas in Summit, Eagle and Pitkin counties. We love to share our knowledge of these pristine public lands so please view our hikes schedule and sign up at or contact Collin Stewart at (970) 963-3977.

The hikes are a great way to get out into less explored areas of Pitkin County and see firsthand many of the areas in the Hidden Gems wilderness proposal. With so much public discussion about the Hidden Gems, this is an opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of where the wilderness proposal areas are and what they look like on the ground.

Other upcoming Hidden Gems hikes in the area include an ascent of two peaks above Independence Pass on Aug. 22, a moonlight hike to Hay Park on the 24th, and a hike to the Seven Castles Waterfall above Basalt on Sept. 4.

Hope to see you on the trail.

Collin Stewart


It just hit me how good your Immigrant Stories are by Walter Gallacher. For weeks now I would go visit my mother and one of us would ask, “Did you read Immigrant Stories?” Then we would talk about it. She is away visiting my 99-year-old grandmother and while on the phone I told her I would save the Klaus Obermeyer story for her to read when she gets back.

Then it hit me. These stories are good, and all this time we had been looking forward to the next one without realizing it.

So I just wanted to send my “thanks” to the Post Independent and Mr. Gallacher. Keep up the great work.

Manuel De La Paz

Glenwood Springs

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