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I am currently reading John Adams by David McCullough. On page 76, he records the following account: In March, 1776, George Washington surprised and out-maneuvered the British in Boston. On Dorchester Peninsula, south of Boston, Washington had marshaled his troops into position high above Boston Harbor overlooking the British fleet.

Realizing the precarious position of the British fleet/army, General William Howe struck an agreement with Washington. If allowed to depart in peace, the army would not leave Boston in flames. Washington agreed and the entire British fleet, the largest fleet ever seen in America, lifted canvas and turned to the open sea.

The British had been outwitted and humiliated. The greatest military power on Earth had been forced to retreat by an army of amateurs; it was a heady realization. The Duke of Manchester stated before the House of Lords, “The fact remains that the army which was sent to reduce the province of Massachusetts Bay has been driven from the capital, and the standard of the provincial army now waves in triumph over the walls of Boston.”

Fast forward to 2010. Unless somehow blocked, a giant mosque will soon “wave in triumph” over the site of the Muslim victory at Ground Zero in New York with America having been outwitted and humiliated!!

Leon Garot

Glenwood Springs

Hopefully the voters will listen to reason, and not allow “Uncle Lou” to buy his way into another 4 years of power!

Phil Amonette


I would like to thank Betty Scranton for opening my eyes as to the ultimate plans of the State of Colorado and HB 1328 and the menacing “District”. Please insert your own scary music somewhere here. As she and other recent writers have written, it appears the state has a plan to sell unwitting folks some bonds, then take that money and form the aforementioned “District”, then get unwitting souls to borrow some money for energy improvements, including solar energy and finally to swoop in and steal their houses. I guess swooping in to steal their houses before they do the energy work would be dumb.

It’s interesting that Boulder, Eagle, Pitkin and Gunnison Counties already have similar programs, not to mention those Socialist enclaves in Berkeley and Sonoma County in California, to mention a few. I see that the plot has already spread, and we may not be able to stop it. Who knew that “Districts” could be so insidious. Heck, I live in a “School District” and a “Fire District” and a “Water District”. Bond programs are offered in “Districts” for such evil things as upgrading sewer and wastewater, electrical upgrades, street beautification, parks and recreation. Oh my, I did not realize how widespread “Districts” have become. I live in a “Congressional District”, and our nation’s capitol is in the “District of Columbia”. There you have it.

Regarding the grand plot of HB 1328, if you are not interested in the program, don’t participate. Making energy efficiency more affordable to more people is certainly a sneaky way to control the masses. Based on the hysterics recently written, one of Fox Mulder’s quotes becomes really relevant: ” I would never lie. I willfully participate in a campaign of misinformation.”

Craig S. Chisesi


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