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While it is understandable the family of the carbon monoxide victims wants vindication, the charges surrounding the 2008 deaths at Aspen’s Popcorn Lane house make no sense.

Most of the building was built in ’04 and ’05, and it was completed in the first half of ’06. Presumably, many workmen, inspectors, the contractor and the owner were on site. Wouldn’t someone have noticed a disconnected exhaust pipe?

It’s fact that many an Aspen homeowner receives a CO then brings in workmen to tweak the project. There are all sorts of changes performed. Hot tubs installed, air humidifiers, new bathrooms, the list is endless. Perhaps this isn’t the case at the Popcorn Lane house – it’s likely no one will ever know – but the point is much more than two years passed between the issuance of the CO and the tragic deaths. More than two years.

Is it logical that no one was in that utility area in these years? I for one am in my utility room many times a week. There are filters to be changed, the vacuum is in there, electrical boxes, on and on. Has it been more than two years since you were in your utility room? Wouldn’t you have noticed a disconnected exhaust pipe in all that time?

Even more puzzling, surely someone slept in that house from the time of the final inspection to the time of the deaths. Two and a half years had passed. Was the exhaust pipe disconnected that whole time?

I also wonder who managed the property. A company? The owner himself? Is there no accountability there? I’ve read nothing about this seemingly important issue.

I could go on with the oddity of these serious charges against three men. I could wonder if there isn’t political motivation on the part of the DA. The one thing I do know is that if I worked for a building department, or if I were a tradesman, and I knew that years after I was last on a construction site I could be held accountable for just about anything, I’d find a different line of work.

Thank you,

Molly Swanton


To publish an article for the stated purpose of putting an end to confusion about differentiating between chipmunks and ground squirrels, accompanied by a photo of a golden-mantled ground squirrel but identifying it as a chipmunk, is too hilarious. I doubt if you put an end to the confusion, but you gave at least some of your readers a good laugh.

Allen Crockett

Glenwood Springs

This week’s poll question is in error. The president did not endorse the proposed plan to build a mosque near ground zero. He simply stated that Muslims have the right to worship as they choose, just as everyone else does. Read your own paper.

Janette Kaufman

Glenwood Springs

EDITOR’S NOTE: The first paragraph of an Associated Press article titled “Obama backs mosque near ground zero” on page A22 of Saturday’s paper reads:

“President Barack Obama on Friday forcefully endorsed building a mosque near ground zero, saying the country’s founding principles demanded no less.”

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